View Full Version : Industry Support of US Players...What's IsThat?

06-27-2007, 09:34 AM
It's sad that the American Mfg. of billiard products could care less that most events here in the states are won by foreign players consistently. You'd think they would..who am I kidding. Thank god for SVB but he's got a hard road to tow beating these guys every time. Well it's business as usual for the BCA mfg. non-profit corportation, tho ironically they may be in a tailspin and that alone could be a silver lining...why, it may actually get them BEHIND the sport/embrace it and get their 'game' together, we know they can sell tables too home owners, why are they NOT willing to sell the SPORT to the American public. Get a grip BCA, you need a rewrap on your thinking.