View Full Version : Results for White Diamond Billiards 9 Ball Tourney

07-02-2007, 02:52 PM
An excellent field of 80 players showed up for the White Diamond Billiard 9 Ball tournament on June 30th & July 1st in Lafayette, LA.
As promised, with 50 or more players, White Diamond Billiards added $500 to the pot. The first calcutta was held prior to the tournament; second calcutta was held when the field was down to 32. More than a few players noticed that Chris Miller/White Diamond Billiards also picked up no less than 30 of the players in the calcutta, further bumping up the prize money.

Total tournament purse with both calcuttas was $14,150.00!

1st place- Mike Black- $5,904.00
2nd place- Chris Miller - $3608.00
3rd place- Jason Lafleur- $2156.00
4th place- Bobby Pacheco- $1416.00
5th place- Mark Garza- $533.00
6th place- Chris "Fishook" Brown- $533.00

Due to the excellent player responses and requests, another event will be held in approximately 3 months. Keep your eyes and ears open!