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07-03-2007, 07:38 AM
Chicago bank pool legend Leonard ‘Bugs’ Rucker is really suffering from the advancement of diabetes. He is seriously down, but not out! He reportedly had a leg amputated yesterday.

Let’s show the man some respect and let him know that we care by really getting on board this raffle to raise some money to at least help him with some small comforts. There is only the most minimal public safety net for guys like Bugs as their health declines, yet this man is a genuine legend!

We already have committed donations of:
1. A brand new Sneaky Pete cue stick signed by One Pocket and Bank Pool legends (OnePocket.org)
2. A Bugs Rucker Bank Pool Hall of Fame poster signed by Bugs himself (OnePocket.org)
3. Something from Steve Lomako and The Rack
4. Freddy ‘The Beard’ is donating signed copies of both The Gospool and Banking with the Beard
5. Please consider donating either an item for the raffle, or buying some tickets – this is a real good cause!

I have gone ahead and set up a Paypal link for $10 per ticket raffle tickets – buy as many as you want; every $10 is an extra ticket and extra chance to win! I will also donate the Paypal fees, so 100% of your contribution will go toward Bugs. Our man Freddy Bentivegna has agreed to administer the delivery of these funds, because Bugs doesn’t even have a bank account.

Please chip in and help out any way you can!!!


07-03-2007, 03:45 PM
Steve.... I just bought tickets even though i do not know "Bugs". But if i am fortunate to win anything please feel free to re raffle it off again to maybe make a few more dollars. Glad to help........mike

07-03-2007, 08:26 PM
Thank you, that is very generous of you!
We had a very good first day, raising just about exactly a $1000 in pledges and Paypal!!

Gerald Huber has generously donated 10 copies of his book, The Green Felt Jungle and other donations are 'in the works' These are in addition to the signed cue stick, the poster signed by Bugs himself, both of Freddy the Beard's books, and more announcements to come...

Again, these raffle chances can be purchased on line by visiting:


07-04-2007, 09:06 PM
Donations to the raffle item list continue to come in:

Scott Lee has committed a two hour private lesson!

Grady Mathews has donated his most popular DVD, Money Pool, along with three collectable posters -- 1991 Legends of One Pocket, King of the Hill IPT 2005, US Open 9 Ball Championships 25th Anniversary 2000!

Sterling Gaming and Cuesight have committed a $500 gift certificate for Fury cues!

I would also like to thank Mike Howerton of AZBilliards.com for supporting this raffle cause by making the raffle thread 'stick' at the top of his main forum and by putting a direct link on the AZBilliards home page!

The updated list of raffle items, and Paypal link to purchase raffle tickets online can be found here:

(If you have visited recently, you may need to 'refresh' to see what has been added)

07-06-2007, 05:53 AM
The Monk has generously donated eight instructional DVD's to the raffle!
www.themonk.com (http://)
www.monkbilliardacadem-e.com (http://)

The updated list is here (you may need to 'refresh' to see the changes):

Also, I would like to thank Sandy Schuman, Inside English, for helping promote this fundraising effort in her e-newsletter and web site!
www.InsideEnglish.net (http://)

07-09-2007, 11:53 AM
Chuck Starkey has donated a custom cue that features Desert Ironwood and Curly Birdseye Maple! It is 19-3/4 oz. with a wood pin and flat laminated shaft. This is a very nice cue -- I know because he shipped it to me for the raffle, so I got a good close look!!

Thank you very much Chuck!!!

There are more photos and a more complete description of this cue to be found via the link from the updated raffle page:

Thanks to everybody, yet again -- including Bob Jewett and cueball1950 /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif!

07-11-2007, 06:01 AM
Buddy Hall Cue Guide & 2 Pack DVD Set
-- Thank you Ruben Rodriguez !

-- Thank you Darrell Abernathy and cornerpocketbilliards.net!

The list of donors (both for raffle items and raffle tickets) is very impressive. I do intend to 'out' those who have given, so if you wish to remain anonymous, be sure to let me know. By PM or email steve@onepocket.org

Thanks again, and please keep those ticket purchases coming!

You can see all the items donated, and purchase tickets securely online by visiting:

07-20-2007, 07:05 PM
Here they are, the Bugs Rucker benefit raffle winners. If you won something, you have already been sent an email letting you know, so if you have not seen the email, contact me. Please be patient with the shipping, too -- there is a lot to get to here. But again, contact me if you do not receive your item in a reasonable time.

It’s always nice to win something, of course, but the real winner was Bugs Rucker. Because of the fantastic generosity of all of you, we raised $6370 for a legendary player in a genuine time of need!!! That makes every one of you who chipped in a winner in my book.

I hope all of you enjoy what you won, and I especially hope it stays with you for many years (or perhaps gets passed along) as a symbol of the fine example of human kindness it represents. Perhaps seeing what you won some day in the future will recall your kindness and inspire again…and the circle goes round and round.

Thanks again, on behalf of Bugs!!

The winners:

OnePocket.org donations:
Bugs Rucker signed poster goes to John Herke
HOF signed cue goes to Les Howard

Six CueTable shirts donated by CueTable.com:
Harry Platis, David Luddy, Russ Chewning, Chad McDaniel, John Herke, Mark Griffin

Jay Helfert donations:
DVD goes to Harry Platis
Three tournament programs go to Al Metzinger,

Freddy Bentivegna donations donated by bankingwiththebeard.com:
Banking with the Beard goes to Ed Fields
The Gospool goes to “Pelican”

Ten copies of Green Felt Jungle donated by Gerald Huber:
Al Metzinger, Bob Lovelock, Denis LeBeux, Sandra Barnett, Michael Gianino, Paul Stamatos, Peter Taraschi, “Franky”, Sean Leinen, Michael Thornton

Bill Porter/Mike Haines tournament photos DVD donated by Bill Porter (2 winners):
Russ Chewning and “Hemicudas”

Starkey custom cue donated by Chuck Starkey:

Castillo Cue case donated by “Wedge”:
Goes to “Pelican”

McDermott cue donated by Darrell Abernathy, cornerpocketbilliards.net:
Craig White

$500 Fury Gift Certificate donated by Sterling Gaming:
JM Young

Grady Mathews donations:
Money Pool DVD goes to Roy Gunther
IPT poster goes to anonymous
Legends of One Pocket poster goes to Mark Griffin
US Open poster goes to Jay Helfert

Gordon Cue donated by Q-Werks Cues:

McDermott Velocity cue donated by McDermott Cues:
George Bru

Buddy Hall 2-pack donated by Ruben Rodriguez:
James Woolston

(five) Break Shot books donated by Charlie Bond
Michael Gianino, Carey Radebaugh, “Catknack”, Paul Stamatos, Gerald Huber

Sniper tip replacement and shaft recon donated by Gene Isaac, OffTheRac.com
George Bru

The Monk set of 8 DVD’s donated by The Monk:
My Nguyen

Scott Lee 2 hour private lesson donated by Scott Lee:
Robert Baker

Nick Varner cue donated by NickVarner.com:
Greg Sullivan