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07-05-2007, 10:21 AM

From Billiards Digest, July 2007, quoted from
George Fels' article Too Much Information -

"Allan Sand's humbly titled "Handbook of the Billiard Gods, Appendix A - Table Map" offers a new approach to cue-ball and object-ball pathways for banking and kicking with some systems that will very likely be new to you.

Over 1,500 hours of analysis and development, plus close to 200 videotaping sessions, went into this book, and it's a real first. If 9-ball is your game of choice, these systems will make you a vastly better kicker. If you prefer banks and/or one-pocket, your banking, including multiple-rail shots, should get a good boost. And even if you don't do a lot of either kicking or banking, your table management skills should be highly refined too, simply because you'll know more about where the cue ball is going. Besides playing your way out of diabolical safeties, you'll learn more about putting your opponent in them.

Once you get past that pretentious title - a bit much even for me - you can prepare either to learn a great deal from Mr. Sand's book or pay off the players who do."

07-23-2007, 09:16 AM
Very Nice. Congratulations.