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07-09-2007, 08:19 PM

07-09-2007, 11:33 PM
Gee, looks like the high point of George's terms was 9/11
Clinton's ratings went up when the country found out he could still get it up.
Is that Reagan's approval chart, or his brain waves?
If they just ran Nixon's chart a little longer, it might have gone below zero....
Since we have a swear filter here...you'll just have to read my lips about George Herbert, and son.

07-10-2007, 04:57 AM
Looks like Truman and Nixon both bottomed out well below the current pres. So much for the arguement that W is the worst president ever. /ccboard/images/graemlins/crazy.gif

Gayle in MD
07-10-2007, 07:02 AM
The final statistics on that, are not in yet, but predictions are running very poorly for his future numbers.
the latest poll numbers put bush at 26 %, lower than what is shown on this graph. With Republicans jumping ship, daily, as they try to say what Democrats have been saying for a year and a half, without sounding just like them, most wouldn't expect much improvement.

Did you know that Denmark, has expanded their economy by 50%, and without using a single killowat more energy? They have increased jobs, tremendously, all in the field of energy efficiency. England, is also expanding their economy, investing in energy efficiency, and the resulting increase in jobs, and technology.

Of course, neither country is spending 12 billion dollars a month, fighting for oil contracts, in the middle of a civil war that has no end in sight...

Bush, and Cheney, took this country in exactly the wrong direction for America's future. Their denial of the environmental consequences of expanding their quest for oil, instead of investing in conservation, and biofuels, and the fascist inspired interference with scientific predicions and warnings, will in years to come, make it very clear, that the Bush Administration, put American progress, and global leadership, back twenty years, at the least.

If George Bush thinks that future analysis of his administration will change the failing grades he is getting now, he's being his usual extremely unrealistic, illogical, uneducated self.

12 billion dollars a month for Iraq
over 36oo dead Americans
over 27000 injured
and the Iraqis, laugh when they get orders to show up and fight for their freedom. Truman and Nixon should't be mentioned in the same sentence with the chimp, who reads Shakesphere, when he's in the midst of a disasterous foreign policy.

We're losing an average of 3 American soldiers, a day. Last month over 600 Iraqis were left dead in the streets of Baghdad. Nationalism doesn't exist in Iraq. The surge is to date, a failure. If George Bush gets his wish to leave our folks in the middle of this sectarian civil war, and Republicans continue to support it, until next spring, as they are saying, we'll lose another 500 to 1,000 troops. with 67% of Americans saying we should be getting out, instead of escalating, any expectation of rising approval ratings, is rather unrealistic, given there has been absolutely no political advancement, and no dilomatic strides made in the region.

Watching Republicans trying to distinguish themselves, from sounding like the same, almost two year old Democratic position, for getting out, and drawing down troops levels, away from the sectarian violence, as they overuse the word precipitous "We don't support a precipitous withdrawel" is pretty funny, since No one has called for a precipitous withdrawel from Iraq.

Al qaeda, which wasn't in Iraq until we drew them there, is a fraction of the voilence, and has cells, and safe harbour in over 90 countries.

As time goes by, and more Americans are lost, and the Bush rhetoric is seen for what it's been all along, Bs, and fear mongering, in the interest of getting more oil refining contracts for Halliburton, and others, Bush's approval ratings, won't even be the issue any longer. What people will remember is his lies, his incompetence, and his policies, which increased the danger to America, and obstructed the opportunity for expanding the economy through biofuels, conservation, and energy independence. I'd say a bet on him being the worst, is a likely end result.

Gayle in Md.