View Full Version : Lindsey Graham and Jim Webb

Gayle in MD
07-16-2007, 09:17 AM
If you missed Meet The Press on sunday, it's usually repeated on monday night, or you can find the exchange between Graham and Webb on the Meet The Press website, or at the link below. If Bush's statements to the press last thursday weren't stupidity enough for one week, you can watch Graham make completely ridiculous statements about Iraq, and display the complete lack of concern for reasonable treatment of our troops, displayed consistantly by Bush and his Republican followers. Their recent misrepresentations of the facts in this last NSE on Iraq, and alQaeda, in both Bush's Press Conference, and Graham's statements on MTP, laughable as they are, should give pause to those who bother to keep up with what's actually happening with alQaeda, since the Iraq invasion.

IMO, our ONLY hope, is to impeach Cheney and Bush, before they create circumstances much worse, than a quagmire. The most dangerous circumstance, is having Bush and Cheney at the forefront, in dealing with Iran, and not dealing correctly with Pakistan.

Lindsey Graham is positively repulsive. His nose is so far up Bush's arse, it's disgusting. His distortions are bad enough, but having to watch a guy try to come off tough,when he is so obviously missing his long wig, high heels, and lipstick, makes him even more absurd, IMO. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smirk.gif