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07-16-2007, 02:42 PM
Are all JOSS east cues considered custom handmade cues or are they now production cues? Curious. Are any other cues in this middle gray area? I'm just unsure. I heard that most JOSS cues seen on ebay are production cues that bought the name. Truth or lies.

07-16-2007, 07:06 PM
The JOSS cues on ebay are production cues. JOSS does make custom cues, but you have to contact JOSS directly and communicate the specifications you want. I recommend a custom cue if you are serious about pool. I have a friend that used to play pro. He has a JOSS custom cue, and compared to a production cue...it is like night and day. His cue is a 21 ounce cue, but I swear it feels like a light 18. The balance is just perfect. Most production cues are built at a length that is suitable for people of average height (5'6"), and the balance point is almost always too far forward from the middle of the grip. When looking for the most suitable cue, length depends on your height. There is a calculation, but rather than to go into the details...a general rule is, the cue should be at chin height. The balance point should be about 6" from the middle of the grip. I shoot with a production cue. It is a McDermott that comes with free lifetime warranty and lifetime maintenance. It is not well suited for my height, but it has a feel comparable to a 1 piece house cue. I chose this because if I choose to go slummin'/hustlin' at a run down bar, I can just pick up a decent house cue and I won't have to adjust too much. A good player will adjust to the playing conditions. Whether it is table roll, or warped cues. I am thinking about taking pool to a more serious level, and I am considering using either my Efren Reyes replica 60" cue made by Jake Santos (before cue sponsorship) or a custom made cue of my own liking.