View Full Version : Free tips for the Candidates

07-18-2007, 01:08 PM
Every four years I make myself available as a Presidential Campaign Consultant....and I have a few ideas in case any of the Candidates are reading this board:
McCain....."not in this life"....even if Avian flu kills off all the other candidates.
Edwards....I'd photograph him at "Supercuts"
Obama.....I'd stick an apostrophe after the "O"...and try to pick up some of the Irish voters that won't vote for the other "Mick" in the race.
Hillary....She's rich, she's powerful ...to appeal to the common voter, we need to point out that she's "one of us"...we both have been screwed by a President...
About the only way a Republican can get elected is if the south votes one again for secession.......