View Full Version : Your Government Agencys & You

07-20-2007, 07:43 PM
If someone knocks on your door & says, "I'm a government employeee & I'm here to help you" ...RUN ! See a portion of an article below...

By Spencer S. Hsu

The Washington Post

WASHINGTON The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has suppressed warnings from its own field workers about health problems experienced by hurricane evacuees living in government-provided trailers with levels of a toxic chemical 75 times the recommended maximum for U.S. workers, congressional lawmakers said Thursday.

A trail of e-mails obtained by investigators shows that the agency's lawyers rejected a proposal for systematic testing of the levels of potentially cancer-causing formaldehyde gas in the trailers out of concern that the agency would be legally liable for any hazards or health problems. As many as 120,000 families displaced by hurricanes Katrina and Rita lived in the suspect trailers, and hundreds have complained of ill effects.