View Full Version : Gabe Owen wins 1 Pocket tournament in Olathe!!!

07-21-2007, 11:06 AM
The other event, a 1 Pocket tournament, $100 entry with 28 players was won by Gabe Owen in Olathe. Gabe doubled dipped (oh, that Braum's feeling), Danny Hill for the win.

Danny Harriman and Jose Parica came in 3-4th.
Payouts are not known at this time.

The big 10 ball ring game tournament continues today and tommorrow. 18 heavy hitters are playing at $3,000 entry each. Filapino players include Parica, Orcullo, and Kiamco.

07-23-2007, 03:26 AM
Shane McMinn came through in the very end to win the 10 ball ring game tournament in Olathe.

Here are highlights at the end:

Shane won the battle for the table, ran down to the 9, and overstroked. It didn't matter though, he made a nice cut on the 10 to tie it up at 19.

Shane breaks and runs out to get on the hill.

Shane breaks and does not make a ball. There is a tough cut on the 1 in the side or safes. Banks tries to cut the ball, but misses and scratches to boot.

Shane calmly runs out for the win.
Shane came on in the last rounds when it was 800 to 1,000 a game, but Michael Banks, Jr. came out of the chute shooting real good, and shot good all the way.
1st place = Shane McMinn (Tulsa)
2nd place = Michael Banks, Jr. (KC)
3rd place = Dennis Orcollo (Philippines)
4th place = James Walden (OKC)

All payouts are Plus Calcutta plus money added by Dan Tull, owner of Shooters:
1st = $22,000