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07-27-2007, 06:11 PM
After league, I often hang out and play pool with a teammate, or someone from another team. A few months back, I was shooting with a player from another team, who happens to be a TAP handicap of 3. She is on a good team, and has been able to learn a lot from playing with them, in mechanics and strategy. However, she did not have a good system for bank shots.

So, since she was a willing student, I taught her the basics of using the "mirror system", on which Bob Jewett has written articles, for both banking and kicking. (The PDFs can be Googled and downloaded.)

Anyway, she came up to me during league, and said that she had been practicing and using the system, and she's surprised many people with her improvement in banking. As she put it, "you know, when they expect you to miss because you're a three?" She said even some of her teammates have been impressed--and although she said someone taught her the system, she didn't tell them who did so.

BTW, I used to tell people to "flip" the table over, to find the aimpoint for the pocket (bank), but now I usually tell people to picture intersecting lines, based on the pockets and diamonds/spots. For kicks, it's basically the "equal distance from the rail-reflection line, or as Spiderman puts it, the 'dirt track'".

Anyway, I felt a little bit of pride, and wanted to share.


07-30-2007, 01:59 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote heater451:</font><hr> ... So, since she was a willing student, I taught her the basics of using the "mirror system", on which Bob Jewett has written articles, for both banking and kicking. (The PDFs can be Googled and downloaded.)
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Congratulation. A warning: teaching can be addictive and contagious.

Those articles about banking, scattered over the last 15 years of BD, are available at http://www.sfbilliards.com/articles/BD_articles.html If you want people to point and stare, try the demos where you have a ball on a barstool at the mirror image of the pocket.

07-31-2007, 06:01 PM
The 1st diagram in this document (http://www.sfbilliards.com/articles/1996-10.pdf). Is most similar to what I do with imagining lines. However where you have shown a general area, I use the intersection of the line at the end rail, with either the line from either the side-pocket through the 2nd diamond, or the line from the corner pocket through the side-pocket. The idea is that you can imagine a large "X", to find the imaginary pocket, and then aim the object ball there--just as if it were a standard shot.

The document also shows how to go another table-width out, for the double-bank, but I seem to recall seeing that multi-rail shots were possible, if you can imagine the "mirrored" tables in the correct places. I don't remember where I saw the diagrams to do it, but maybe I will just experiment. I think one can simply go "up one-over one" for two rails, but 3 gets tricky--might as well stick with using a line close to the "Magic Diamond" for that. . . .I have a parallel line system, for shooting 3 rails to the side pocket. It's not greatly reliable, but I've had to use it, and I've sank a few.

BTW, Bob, I know that teaching is addictive, but I used to have less too teach. Years ago, I used to teach basic pool, but usually to cocktail waitresses /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif. A couple of them learned to ride motorcycles too!


08-01-2007, 11:23 AM
I think I enjoy teaching as much as playing until the Pupil beats me because I am focusing more on their game than my own. Then I have to put in a little me time and whoop up on them. Sorry, guess it's an ego thing.

As for banking I like the systems but what most people won't say is that the system does not always work. Or, the system is affected by this and that. For instance did you say anything about a hard hit vs a soft hit? The affect of spin? Testing the table with the system to see whether the balls are running long or short on a given table or given rail? Even listening to the hit to see whether their might be a loose rail? Does the ball jump or slow unnaturally indicating some sort of rail height issue. I guess my point is that some players may reject the system thinking that it is a solution whereas it is more of a starting point and that adjustments may have to be made based on the table and how you shoot the shot.

08-07-2007, 05:52 PM
Trust me, this particular student knows how to adjust. Any system given is taught with the understanding that it's a "baseline". As with almost anything, you have to learn how to "index" yourself, before you can apply any reasonable analysis.

Besides, most of the people that I am around anymore already know the basic influences of speed on their banking. And, if they prefer using "feel" (which I do as well, to some degree), then they can use it to check themselves. Or, if they're having an "off" night, the system can be used to try it from ground zero, from a "tried everything else" point of view. Some people I know even want to ditch the lack of a system, for something that's at least (more) consistent.

And, as regarding getting beaten by a pupil, I think that's the best compliment of all. Too often today, we no longer believe in handing off the torch, so that it may travel farther. . . .