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08-12-2007, 02:53 AM
I have a billiards game idea that I believe is entirely new. (I made it from scratch) I think its pretty good and was wondering where would I post the rules for this game, maybe get some feed back on it.

And I guess I might as well post all the rules and whatevers I can think of here. This is the first time I'm going to put this game into writing, so help with how to make it make more sense would be appreciated too.

here goes.

Before anything else, the object of the game is to pocket every single ball within the fewest number of strokes. I'd guess the best player in the world could finish, on average, in about 11 to 13 strokes (getting 2 balls in in 1 stroke a couple times and not missing any shots). It is technically possible to get a score of one, getting all balls in on the break. I also think that there should be a stroke limit, somewhere between 50 and 100, where your game ends and the balls are counted and the number of balls left on the table is added to the persons score. Each player plays through their entire game before the next person goes up to play through there entire game. The person with the lowest score wins.

I have a specific rack. But specific only in how you place the balls randomly. You grab 3 balls in each hand so that they are lined up in your hand and you place them like

___/3 4\
__/3 2 4\
_/3 5 2 4\
/1 1 1 2 5\

(place the first handful of balls in the 1's place, the second handful of balls in the 2's place, etc.) the 5th set of 3 balls that are placed are placed in the two corners and in the middle area, as shown in the picture. Now, this rack is entirely something of my own creation, and could be trashed for just randomly placing the balls in the rack, but I like it and if you see someone do it its really easy to understand. When you grab the balls in your hand they should be grabbed at random, so that no 2 racks will be the same for probably a very long time.

Now that the rack is out of the way you break it like normal, from behind the headstring. The brake counts as stroke 1.

When you shoot next you can choose between a couple options. The easiest and most obvious is to shoot for the only real legal shot, which is to hit the lowest numbered ball first. You can bank the cueball to hit the lowest numbered ball (LNB from here on out) but if the cueball doesn't hit any ball or hits any ball besides the LNB first then you have 3 turns after the miss to pocket the LNB. You may however not want to go for the LNB but instead shoot for a different ball that you can get in or even just shoot any random ball to try and set yourself up for getting the LNB in within the 3 shot shot limit. The ending goal however is to eventualy get the LBN in. You could keep just hitting the LNB and inching it an inch at a time all around the table if you wanted, but then you would surely lose so there is no point.

You do not HAVE to hit a bumper or any of that each shot, just hit the LNB first and your golden. When you have no shots on any other ball to set yourself up for the LNB, you cant get the LNB in on your shot because you have no shot, sometimes all you try and do is just hit it first. If you do not get the LNB in 3 stokes or less after not hitting the LNB first then you have to take out all of the balls pocketed so far in any way and rack them in the default spot. If there are balls already there move out as little as possible to allow for the balls that were already pocketed to fit there. You will probably need to rack these by hand, as the triangle would be very clumsy in many situations. These balls are racked in a VERY specific way. The lowest ball is in the front; the next two lowest, the lowest of the two to the left, are in the second row; the next 3 lowest balls, the lowest to the left, the highest of the 3 to the right, are in the 3rd row, etc. If the balls that need to be re racked don't form a perfect triangle, then form the triangle as best you can (the perfect triangle numbers being 1, 3, 6, 10, 15) and you place the remaining balls centered in the last row, even if the makes the balls look like...
(this would be a 12 ball rack)

If you scratch the cueball its placed behind the headstring. You CAN shoot at balls that are behind the headstring.(i figured that was important when at any one time you have only one ball your legally allowed to hit) You get +1 to your score if you scratch. It could however be beneficial to scratch, if the LNB is above the headstring and you dont think you can get a shot in to set yourself up on the next shot for the LNB, then just shoot the cueball into a hole, take the 2 points from that wasted shot and just get your ball in on your next shot guaranteed.

If any ball is jumped off the table it is pocketed. If you knock the cue ball of the table its like a normal scratch, if you knock an object is jumped off the table its pocketed like a normal shot.

08-12-2007, 02:59 AM
I'm going to bed right now. I'm going to check up on this in about 10 hours and ill answer any and all questions... pertaining to this post, that you post.

08-12-2007, 03:54 AM
forgive me if I seem rude... and perhaps I am just way too tired here being up at almost 5 in the morning (and it's been a long night)... but WHAT?


Editing to add that I'm pretty sure I read it wrong the first time. But in a nutshell, if I am correct, this is a rotation game in which you just pocket the balls (in rotation) in the fewest number of strokes possible?

08-12-2007, 02:35 PM
Well yeah, basically. But there is a lot of thought involved. If you have an easy shot on the LNB but your currently set up for some other shot that normally wouldn't be so easy, it would be much better to shoot for that other shot, and try and set yourself up for another normally hard shot. But in doing that you run risk of screwing yourself up by not getting the LNB in on time.

Amd when your the second person comes up and you think you may not beat your opponent, you see the count of your opponent nearing, and you have many balls still up, it can get pretty stressful.

You should always be on the lookout for 2 balls in 1 stroke, too. Those are very good to get but pretty difficult to actually do. With proper english and a little luck it's a great thing to try and get.

You can also just play this solo and beat your high score. my record is 21. (i played 5 games with these exact rules, I liked the game and thought I'd share it with you all. I plan to share it with all my friends and get their opinions on it too.)

If you think the game is too simple, please explain why you think so exactly. Just saying "WHAT!?" doesn't do much.

08-12-2007, 03:27 PM
How old do you have to be to post on this forum?

08-12-2007, 07:55 PM
I was just looking for advice on where I could post this game idea. And maybe some refinement in the game.

The game is fun. It does work. It takes strategy. Its not a bad game; I've read about far worse.

So just stop all this random retard posting and stop acting like children yourself. If you can't read something and be able to understand how it would work in a real situation, then go try out the game. If you honestly think there is some fatal flaw in the game design then post about it and we can talk it out.

08-12-2007, 10:12 PM
I was simply trying to figure out exactly what you were attempting to explain. Getting pissy with people that have been members of this board for 5 years isn't likely to win you much support... BTW.

But I'll throw my interpretation out there, and feel free to correct me where I am wrong.

You break a rack (which is racked in no required order). You then have 3 strokes in which to pocket the lowest numbered ball (so assuming it's not made on the break, the 1 ball would be what you must make within 3 strokes). 1st question: Any balls pocketed on a legal break stay down or spot up? I'm assuming they stay down from your explanation, but wasn't 100% sure.

During your three stroke attempts to pocket the LNB, you may contact and/or pocket other balls in the process without penalty, as long as you pocket the LNB within the 3 stroke limit. If you do not, all balls come back up? (also when a foul has occured all balls come up, correct?) Also when fouling you are penalized a stroke, cue ball in kitchen, but you can shoot at a ball that is also in the kitchen.

And the goal is to pocket all balls on the table within the parameters described above in the fewest strokes possible.

Am I close?


09-03-2007, 01:00 AM
When I am trying to sharpen my 9 ball game, I play similiar game to the one you came up with. It's called 15 ball or Rotation.

I rack 15 balls and play it like 9 ball. I have only broke and ran a few times. And my best score for number of strokes was 13. But I have only played this game about 2 dozen times. I don't care for 9 ball, and would rather play with all 15 balls. It is more of a challenge.

I have a another game that I play around with...whereas I play with all 15 balls and every shot must be a carom, combo, bank, or kick. I like the carom shots the most.

If you have any other ideas about games, please share. I am always looking for something different to help sharpen my shooting skills.

09-03-2007, 10:30 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote kindlin:</font><hr> I have a billiards game idea that I believe is entirely new. (I made it from scratch) I think its pretty good and was wondering where would I post the rules for this game, maybe get some feed back on it.
<hr /></blockquote>

Sorry guy but I don't want to wade through this dissertation, Can you boil this down to some sort of simple overview?