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08-15-2007, 11:32 AM
A Pool Tale

I was shooting APA at our home bar. Iím an SL 6 and I was playing a good SL5. He was about ready to beat me as we both had three games. I needed five to win and he only four. It wasnít looking good for me. He had an easy 2 ball in the corner and an easy leave to drop the 8 which was sitting at the pocket. Itís a fast table so easy does it. He lines up his shot and strokes. The CB rolls towards the 2 for the easy pocket.

But wait. There is another pool table in the room. Itís behind my opponent. From above his head the CB from the other table appears. Literally this ball was 6 or more feet off the ground and coming in a arc like trajectory. It starts to fall towards the table. First it hits the 2 ball. It hits the 2 before my opponents CB does but also while it is rolling towards it. My opponent misses the 2 ball entirely. The CB from the other table scitters about bouncing from here to there. At this point itís not real clear exactly which ball does what but the end result is the 8 ball falls in the pocket itís sitting at.

We both just stand there a bit speachless. My first thought is to pick on my opponent and say that he fouled not once but twice. He missed his ball. And he early eighted so he loses, right? But Iím still a bit speechless. He says nothing but with a disgusted look on his face begins rolling balls for a re-rack. I tossed him some quarters and he re-racked. I won the next two for the match but perhaps there needs to be an asterisk next to that ďWĒ? Still a W nevertheless though.

Maybe others have some even better "Pool Tales"?

08-16-2007, 12:01 PM
Sounds like your buddy at the other table is really good at jump shots.

08-18-2007, 07:25 PM
im a 6 the funniest moment ive had since i started playing pool which was about 1 year ago i was breaking a 9 ball rack the other teams captain was sitting about 10 feet from the table i broke and the cue ball landed on his head after that they went and got him some ice ill never forget that night