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08-15-2007, 03:45 PM
At Derby City, can you break 9-ball from a rail bridge, or do you have to break from "the box?" Thanks in advance for your help. (Please respond only if you actually KNOW the answer! Thanks!)

08-15-2007, 04:50 PM
No BREAK BOX rule stated.
I don't recall there ever being a BREAK Box at the DCC.

From the DCC website


Draw: January 9, 2008 10:00am
Players Meeting: 12:00pm
Match Play: Begins at 1:00pm

Purse: $77,500.00 based on field of 350 Players
(We reserve the right to go over these amounts if
our staff feels we can accommodate more players.)

Guaranteed Added: $25,000.00

Limited: First 500 Players—Sorry, but this must be enforced!
Entry: $150.00 $7.50 "Convenience Charge"

Total: $157.50


Race to 7
Single Elimination
Buy-In Option
Pro Express Rules
9-Ball Rules Summary:
Rules are evolving and will be further discussed at Players Meeting.

1. Lag - The winner has the option to break.

2. Break shot - The winner of the last rack has the option to break.

If the cue ball is pocketed or driven off the table, the incoming player has cue ball in hand anywhere on the table, and all pocketed balls stay down except the 9-Ball, which is spotted.
Must attempt an "open break". Failure to attempt an open break is a foul.
Any foul on the break constitutes the 1st foul, in a 3-foul situation.
3. Push-out: The player who shoots the shot immediately after a legal break shot may elect to play a push out.

4. Any ball landing off the playing surface is a foul. Incoming player has a cue ball in hand. This includes accidentally touching a ball, and knocking it into a pocket.

5. If there is a shot that may result in a questionable hit, the seated player must get a referee before his opponent shoots the shot. The player at the table must wait for the referee.

6. A player may not concede the 9-Ball. The penalty is loss of game, plus one additional game.

7. No ball tapping. The penalty is loss of one game.

8. The 3-foul rule applies. The opponent must notify a player before the 3rd foul that the player is on two.

9. It is not a foul to accidentally touch one stationary object ball. However, it is an automatic foul to touch 2 or more balls. Also, it is a foul if the offending player attempts to restore the moved object ball before giving the seated player the option of leaving the moved ball in its new position, or asking a referee to restore it to its original position. (Note: There are exceptions if the moved ball changes the outcome of a shot. See a referee for advice.

The "One Foot On The Floor" Rule Is In Effect

08-15-2007, 08:04 PM
Tom, thanks for the reply. Jay Helfert over on AZ confirms what you said.