View Full Version : Back to the Machine

08-17-2007, 04:31 PM
Was having terrible problems in my 14.1 game...couldn't pocket the right balls at the right time, tempo sucked, choice's were always wrong...thanks to accu-stats! Went back to my collection of straight pool from 89, 92, and 2000 U.S. Opens. Most importantly, Oliver Ortmann...this guys game is so flowing and smooth, great tempo and ball pocketing skills...I have several examples of him running 100 balls...he bumps, falls on, shatters, strokes in such a rhythm that as a musician it's resembles a great conductor asking the most from his musicians...after five or six hours of watching both him and Mizerak, I'm back on track again, making better shot choices, clearing problems but I think most importantly, got my tempo back...which, as a Jazz Drummer, makes perfect sense to me. To much over thinking, not letting yourself go and just "playing the damn game."
Is this a common realization of intermediate players...I haven't hit the century mark yet, but I feel that sooner or later it's going to happen...and it will be like nothing special has happened. Just play.