View Full Version : Giuliani Proves He Suffers W/Bush Disease, Denial

Gayle in MD
08-28-2007, 12:53 PM
Giuliani, in Detroit, wants Chertoff for top attorney

DETROIT -- Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani suggested Monday before a fundraiser here that President Bush might want to look to Michael Chertoff, whom Giuliani once hired, when seeking a replacement for embattled outgoing Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Gonzales, the nation's first Hispanic attorney general, announced Monday he was stepping down next month.

"I think Judge Gonzales has given service with his contribution both at the White House and as attorney general," the former New York mayor and federal prosecutor said outside the Fox Theatre. "He made his choice. I know he's lived through a lot of fire in many areas."

But it is now critical, Giuliani said, that Bush appoint "a really great attorney general" who has the trust of Republicans and Democrats.


<font color="red">A pretty good preview of Giuliani's ability to deal with reality! A lot of New Yorkers have lived with a "lot of fire" also, thanks to Giuliani's refusal to listen to experts regarding the placement of the Command Center at the WTC.

Interesting he was standing in front of the Fox Theater at the time he made his statements, LOL. /ccboard/images/graemlins/wink.gif </font color>