View Full Version : Text of an Excellent Interview with Waxman

Gayle in MD
09-11-2007, 08:22 AM
<font color="red">For my friends on the right, who care more about the future of our Country, than partisan politics. This is quite a commentary, IMO, of the differences between the Neocon right, and the present Democratic party, a party that doesn't go after a president, just out of sour grapes, over irrelevant issues, on witch hunts. Obviously, Democrats are making thier decision out of what is best for our country at this time, unlike the Republicans who underminded Bill Clinton, at a time when our country ultimately, paid devastating consequences for the Republican "Wag The Dog" theories, and followed that up when they got control of the WH, by throwing out all the structure and intelligence which Clinton had made in protecting us from future attacks, crippling his presidency during the last three years, and faililng to heed the warnings of the many civil servants and agency head whom they ignored in the months that led up top the 9/11 attack, which they followed by blocking any independent investigations of their incompetence.</font color>