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09-17-2007, 10:52 PM
I recently received an 8 foot coin operated pool table for free. Because of the weight, I'm pretty sure the bed is made of slate. I first assumed it was manufactured by Valley, as the plastic surrounding the pockets says Valley... but I also noticed that on the score keeper, the manufacturer was id'd as All-Tech Industries. After inspecting the table further, I did find an id tag under the bed stating it was manufactured by All-Tech industries out of Hialeah, Florida. More specifically its model number is 8c.

Can anyone give me any information on All-tech industries and their tables/history? I'm just curious as to the age of the table, etc... The table is in relatively poor condition, but nothing that can't be repaired, mainly it needs new felt. I've been searching the net for info, but can only find passing references to the company... Just people referring to them in passing. The best I can tell is they made coin op tables and arcade games sometime between the 50's-70's... perhaps later. Any info would be great.

The Dude

09-18-2007, 12:12 AM
Not sure if this is the official All-tech Industies website: www.pooltableshowcase.com (http://www.pooltableshowcase.com)
Valley-Dynamo (A division of Brunswick Billiards): www.vdlp.net (http://www.vdlp.net)

If you have pictures, it would help. Or your could check out these websites and see if one matches up to yours.

In any case, a free coin op table w/slate is nice. Shouldn't take too much to get into competition shape.

09-18-2007, 12:54 AM
I'll post some shots, as soon as can find my digital camera. Its missing in action at the time being(just moved, so everything is sort of hide and seek right now.) I suspect the valley markings, they are plastic and just line the pockets, so they may have just been implemented by a previous owner also doing work on the table... With it being a coin op table, I assume it was once in either a bar or pool hall so a lot could have been done to it to keep it maintained. The person who gave it to me, it was her ex-husbands... he just dumped her and took off in the night with his mistress, so she doesn't really know much about the origins of the table itself.

Its hard to say... I can't find any info to connect Valley tables to All-Tech industries.