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10-16-2007, 11:17 PM
already the Republicans are pulling no punches. Rudy delivered the ultimate insult to Obama..."You're no Reagan"
but, by a strange twist of fate, turns out he's insulting Cheney's blood relative (8th cousins)
Now we'll see if "blood is thicker then water"...Obama should fire back..."you're no Fiorello LaGuardia"
There was a REAL crime fighting Mayor:
"LaGuardia had a loathing for the gangsters who brought a negative stereotype and shame to the Italian community. The "Little Flower" had an even greater dislike for organized crime members and when LaGuardia was elected to his first term in 1933, the first thing he did after being sworn in was to pick up the phone and order the chief of police to arrest mob boss Lucky Luciano on whatever charges could be laid upon him. LaGuardia then went after the gangsters with a vengeance, stating in a radio address to the people of New York in his high-pitched, squeaky voice, "Let's drive the bums out of town." In 1934, Fiorello LaGuardia's next move was a search-and-destroy mission on mob boss Frank Costello's slot machines, which LaGuardia executed with a gusto, rounding up thousands of the "one armed bandits," swinging a sledgehammer and dumping them off a barge into the water for the newspapers and media. In 1936, LaGuardia had special prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey, a future Republican presidential candidate, single out Lucky Luciano for prosecution. Dewey managed to lead a successful investigation into Luciano's lucrative prostitution operation and indict him, eventually sending Luciano to jail on a 30-50 year sentence."

10-17-2007, 02:01 AM
Woolfy -- I watched every episode of The Untouchables -- one of my favorit programz -- Chicago tho mainly i think. luckyMac

10-17-2007, 04:10 AM
So, you hate Reagan but it's the ultimate insult to tell someone they are "no Reagan"? Do I have that right?

It sounds more like you just hate.

BTW, that debating tactic originated with Lloyd Bentsen.


10-17-2007, 10:30 AM
I didn't appreciate Ronald Reagan as President, but have only hated Nixon and GWB
As written, your line makes little sense
"So, you hate Reagan but it's the ultimate insult to tell someone they are "no Reagan"....I'd have moved the "so", and replaced "but" with it....if you want me to...send me your posts beforehand, and I can edit them for you, no charge!!!
BUT don't make the mistake of trying to twist something I wrote half in jest into something that wasn't meant. It's the reason I don't reply to Ed...and it's the reason I'll probably give up again replying to you....IS your answer to any post, to twist them to fit your meaning and then add in personal insults, like say, the gentleman from Fla?
And you wonder why people don't respond.
You guys love the word "hate" ...it seems to be your catch-all word to dismiss any opposing views...problem I have though is a few of us "hate" GWB...and you guys hate us for having that viewpoint.
I direct any (mostly any) insults towards Bush/Cheney...you guys direct them all towards Gayle, myself, etc.
But that's it for me..in re to you...
I'm not into texting, but I understand this is considered a reply to someone that is particularly irritating....GFY...whatever that means you....