View Full Version : Homosexuals are Responsible for the Wildfires

10-27-2007, 01:02 PM
in California:

One thing is increasingly clear to Americans as we study the California wildfires: someone is responsible for all this. That someone is God. Networks like CNN will try to blame arson, of course, and maybe arson was a contributing factor. But our God is the God of arsonists, as well, and sometimes even criminals end up unwittingly doing the Lord’s work.

Why would God want to burn California? Well, beyond the fact that God is punishing America as a whole for turning its back on the candidate who best exemplified His will, Sam Brownback, there are sins peculiar to, or prevalent in, California. I’m talking about two evils in particular: Hollywood, and homosexuality.

Hollywood is the root of most American evil. (The remaining evil emanates from New York City, of course.) Hollywood, that den of flag-burning pornographers and sexual deviants, has learned a powerful lesson: God will not tolerate their irreligious iniquities indefinitely, and they will be held reponsible for their crimes and sins- in this life as well as the next.

Homosexuality is a sin older than Hollywood, but its recent spread in America is directly attributable to Hollywood. Without the release of pornography and films like “Brokeback Mountain,” most Americans wouldn’t even be aware that homosexuality existed. Without the deviant Supreme Court, homosexuality would still be a crime in most of the decent parts of this country, and the police would quickly incarcerate these perverts before they had a chance to teach our children that sodomy is acceptable behavior.

Sadly, homosexuality is no longer treated as criminal activity. Nor is it treated as a mental disorder. In reality, though it is both. It is also a sin against God, and as we all know, God will not stand for the world to be corrupted with sin and evil.

God has shown California that He does not countenance homosexuality, just as He showed New Orleans that He would not stand for dipsomania and fornication. The liberal media can try to spin their way out of the web of sin that liberalism has entagled this country in, but the reality is that the great spider, Satan, has us at his mercy. Only God can cut the knots of vileness that risk our lives and our souls. Only God can set us free.

Repent now, homosexuals. Repent, and devote your lives to proselytizing your repentance. The hour of your judgment is nigh. God will always have more of California to burn, and next time you may find yourselves caught in an earthquake as you await this flaming doom.

God bless these United States. And may God be praised throughout this great nation.


10-27-2007, 06:10 PM
I have decided. I am turning my computer off, and marching straight up the hill to my caravan, and i am going to get out a white sheet and cut 2 eye-holes in it, and put it over my head. Then, i am going to march over to my (our) new joint (allmost finished now), and i am going to grind all of the blue mould off the big pine logs making up the walls of the new billiard room. Thing iz, i havta allso leev withing the hour to play a billiardz match in geelong, and i dont wanna havtahav another shower. madMac.