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10-29-2007, 09:55 PM
In an effort to boost enlistments, prospective recruits are told of the Marines vaunted Esprit De Corps.
From a recruiting letter to Sonia Goldstein:
The letter told her the corps could use her unique language skills, but also warned that life as a Marine would test her physical and mental abilities “beyond anything you've ever known.”
The 78 yr old Sonia was flattered, but noted There I am with my walker. I can't maneuver from here to there without it,” said Goldstein, who added that her only language is English.

“I'll do whatever I could for this wonderful country we live in,” she said. “But you know, this is kind of stretching it a bit.”
Some years back SNL did a skit on the "Walker Brigade" a group of semi invalid elderly soldiers in WWII, that needed walkers to get around
Maybe with enlistments sagging, this could get us back to full strength