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Gayle in MD
11-05-2007, 04:01 PM
Although I know I've posted loads of documentation which proves that this administration wouldn't have it any other way than to build a case for invading Iraq, under the guise of WMD's which obviously didn't exist, this particular story is about Curveball, in case you missed it, last night on Sixty Minutes. There is also a link on the main page to Drumheller's original appearance on Sixty Minutes, also giving evidence that the War in Iraq, was not, in fact based on any evidence that this administration actually believed was proof of any kind of WMD's in Iraq, but in fact, the rush to war was an effort to get there before the contradictory intelligence against their cherry picked intelligence, became public.


When people say we were lied into this war, by the Bush Administration, it is the absolute truth, regardless of what you might be told by some neoconned sheep! Never believe denials, from right wing Bushies!
gayle in Md.

11-05-2007, 06:00 PM
Aren't they the people that invented the concept of Fake but accurate!" with Dan Blather?

You remember ... the 1970's National Guard docs on Bush that were written in 2004 on MS Word and passed off as proof.

How about using a credible source and not someone who ranks beneath the Weekly World News.


11-05-2007, 06:46 PM
PBS did a great "Frontline" series about the lead up to the Iraq War. And if I remember correctly, they addressed the "Curveball" story in it. I'm sure you've probably seen it, but for those who haven't, I think it's still available for viewing on their website.

11-05-2007, 07:48 PM
Gayle, if you Google curveball, you'll even find an article in the L.A. times 2005:
"The fact is there was yelling and screaming about this guy," said James L. Pavitt, deputy director of operations and head of the clandestine service until he retired last summer.

"My people were saying: 'We think he's a stinker,' " Pavitt said. But CIA bioweapons analysts, he said, "were saying: 'We still think he's worthwhile.' " Pavitt said he didn't convey his own doubts to Tenet because he didn't know until after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq that Curveball was "of such import" in prewar CIA assessments provided to the president, Congress and the public."
Going to war on the basis of one unreliable source, at least a controversial source???
I believe America has not gone to war on the basis of one man's word since Paul Revere warned us that the British were coming...
Bad news though....it seems your source for the new item, didn't pass muster here, with our resident expert, not on his approved list, and therefore has been discredited, and probably reported back as such, to ASB.
In the old days to disprove something, one had to cite a contradictory source...I'd like to go back to them rules.
Under the rules of Parliamentary debate I should like to call a "point of order"
And while I should have invoked this before
I'd also cal a "Point of personal privilege"
"These are almost never used. Do not rise on a point of personal privilege unless you have been deeply insulted on a personal level by an intentional attack on your person."
Since just about every post he submits does not address the issue directly, or lowers itself to personal attack....I think it's safe to say we can always call him on either one, or both of the above.
I believe after reviewing the objections...the judge will tell the offender to sit down and shut the *** up, or in his case, go back to your room and stand in the corner, pretend you're "Little Jack Horner", and if there's no pie to stick your thumb in...well use your imagination.....
Amazing, isn't it how many intelligence people resigned in disgust over this manipulation of the truth.
AND he wants a **** credible news source????????
Hey this is some good s**t I'm putting out lately, since I'm back on my meds (well, IMHO)...wonder if it's making the major league message board????
How many **** former insider books, articles, etc, does it take before he'll believe that GWB threw us a curveball?
And while I'm on a roll....Bama mentioned that the Iraqi's were afraid of the "bad men" in the streets..Al Qaeda
Well, before we liberated the country, there were no Al Q's there...before they could step out into the street and only worry about being shot by Saddam's men.....now they have to worry about the the two warring factions, Al Q. and our Blackwater peacekeepers, plus the occasional friendly fire by one of our guys.

Gayle in MD
11-06-2007, 03:00 PM
Yes, I saw it, friend. I also have read dozens of books that detail the cherry picking, and the lies about curveball, and the phony Niger documents, used by Bush, and his band of criminals, to lie our country into this idiotic war. It was a systematic act of treason, against our country, for which their followers refused to hold them accountable, and over which their Republican party, refused to hold them accountable, and for which former Republican so called Statesmen, such as Baker, covered up in their behalf. John Dean's book, Worst Than Watergate, details the legal criminality for which they should have to answer. I still cling to the hope, that somehow, perhaps through the foreign courts of International investigations, that Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, and Gonzales, will all be jailed for committing war crimes.

"On The Brink: An Insiders account Of How The White House Compromised American Intelligence" by Tyler Drumheller, former chief of CIA Clandestine Operations, Europe, just one of many, who have written the horrible story of the Bush Administration.

From the cover,

"One of George Tenets most experienced top deputies, I watched my staff being shot down in flames as they tried to put forward their views that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. I watched as politicians, using intelligence that was at best questionable, spoke passionately about the impending threat of nuclear attack by Iraq before we sent our men and women out to die in the Middle East. I railed inwardly at the stubbornness of the country's leadership as it ignored voice after voice that warned of the perils of an ill-prepared war in the Arab world. Eventually I had to accept that nothing we said or did was going to change the administration's collective mind...I reveal details here that demonstrate there was another option available to us, one that might have saved American and Iraqi lives and made the world safer instead of more dangerous, as I believe it now is."

Mr Drumheller, is but one, of many, many intelligence experts and counter terrorist experts, and military experts, and National Security experts, who have written documentation of the disasterous consequences which have resulted from the Bush administrations lies, yet, the nutty 25%, who care ONLY about a fifteen percent deduction on their investments, apparently, REFUSE to acknowledge the truth about George Bush, the Neocons, and the corrupt Republican party which looked the other way throughout their destruction against our country, and our foreign policy International Agreements, our Constitutional guarantees, and best interests, and the democratic ideals upon which our country was founded.

I have no use for these people, and as I have investigated for myself, the books, the live testimony, the documentaries, and the disenfranchised intelligence community, atleast one of whom had her career ruined, and her operatives placed in danger by the White House plot to discredit her husband's exposure of other lies, about yellow cake, also intelligence that the adinistration had been told was not reliable, I am still saddened, that 25% of the people in this country, prefer to look the other way, out of their partisanship, and hatred, over a president, and Vice President who have clearly committed treason, over and over again. MS. Plame, being on one of many in a long long list of patriotic Public Servants, who were slandered, and ruined, by Goerge Bush, and his fellow swine, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney.

They should be hung from the White House Portico. They have placed our country in the dangerous circumstance which we must now struggle to free ourselves from, and we must all, speak out against the lies, and distortions, which their supporters continue to profess to this day. They are NOT, Partiotic Americans, in the true sense of the words, IMO. And the damage they inflict against our country, and democracy, with their lies and denials, should anger every single patriotic American in this country.

Gayle in Md.

Gayle in MD
11-06-2007, 03:24 PM
Yes, all of what you write about is very true. Those who deny it, are the same fools who supported the right wing back lash against Clinton, when he was trying desperately to get cooperation from the Republicans, in order to make terrorism our national priority.

Instead, the neocon P's OS, launched neverbefore seen, or used, tactics to discredit Clinton by invading his private life. What did it get them? Quite a number of resignations, in the long run, as their own, shall we say, less than Christian practices have been exposed, over and over, ever since.

The sword cuts both ways, and while many knew about Eisenhower's misstress, Kennedy's extra curricular activities, Bush Sr.'s mistress, and a whole slew of other presidents, and legislators alike, Gingrich, Fred Thompson, Barr's wife's abortion, paid for with his personal check, there are still quite a number of Republicans, who have apparently paid off the right people, and are yet to be exposed.

As we watch the outings of many criminals in the Guiliani cabal, and hear about the irresponsible manner in which McCain has operated his completely disorganized campaign, it is truly humourous to me, to watch how the Republicans have completely blown Hillary's statements out of proportion, and out of context, during this last week.

While I have not yet made my own mind up, it is clear to me, that as the Republican contenders reveal their philosophies, we would have nothing but more illegal Bush/Rove styled law breaking from all but one of them, Ron Paul, and he would never get my vote, since he seeks to discriminate against women in their right to choose their own personal choices in their lives. A result of the Chrisstian Coalition, or to put it more bluntly, Radical christian fundamentalists, out to dictate to others, according to their own Biblical nonsense.

I am still angry about the illegal election fraud of the last tow 3elections. And the last seven years, have given me many more issues and illegal, damaging activities prosecuted against our country, and its democratic principles, by the Administration, and the rest of the Republican Party. Frankly, nothing that comes from the right, is accurate, or true, regardless of whether it is a right wing pundit, or a right wing editorialist, you can bet that it will be full of lies, half truths, and slander.

They are all truly repulsive to me, from Bush to Rice to Cheney to Rove, to Coulter to Falwell to Boehmer, the Hannity's and the O'Reilly's, and the fat a$$ed Willian Kristol, who should be tarred and feathered, and run out of this country on a board, and all their denying, delusional supporters,... repulsive, and anti American, IMO.

Gayle in Md.

Never match wits, with an unarmed opponent. Even those somewhat intelligent posters from the right, arrange their opinions around false statements, and ignorant supposition.