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11-12-2007, 05:19 AM
For 12 yrs I've been a customer because the end product is amazing.

I have had a running battle with their install department and customer no service department.

I won't bore you with the long story, but let's just say that prior to their latest debacle it has taken them 22 visits to install 4 outlets in our home. BTW, I am someone who was trained to set up field satcom dishes by the US Army.

Well, Sunday before last JLW and I buy 2 new HDTV's to replace 2 non HDTV sets in the home.

We call Direct TV and explain that we need 2 HDTV boxes to be swapped out for 2 non HDTV boxes and a new line ran to the master bathroom where 1 of the old non HDTV boxes and sets can be installed. They set an appointment for Monday of last week. They also inform me that we are due for a dish replacement anyway so that we can receive all of the new HDTV sations coming on line.

MONDAY: The installer arrives with 2 HDTV boxes and dish but no order for the new line. JLW asks if they will leave the 2 new boxes and I will swap them that evening. They refuse and reschedule the work for Tuesday.

TUESDAY: With an appointment set for 8-12 the Direct TV dude shows at 7:15. Claims the work cannot be done because they don't have a ladder which will reach the height where the old dish is located for the switch. I offer to allow them to use ours and am told they are not allowed to use a customer's tools. Install is rescheduled for Wednesday.

WEDNESDAY: Direct TV dude arrives with a work order to install a new line and swap 2 new boxes with the old boxes. They have no new dish. They reschedule for Thursday.

THURSDAY: Direct TV guy arrives with a dish and 2 boxes but no order for the new line. They reschedule for Friday.

FRIDAY: They arrive with the same setup as Thursday. I speak with them via phone from work and inform them that they install what they have and come back later for the new line or remove everything and get the F out. They do the partial install and agree to come back Saturday between 8 and 12 to run the new line.

SATURDAY: The Direct TV dude comes at 3:30 and runs the new line. Problem is that he merely disconnects the line going to our Florida room ... home of one of the new HDTV's ... and connects the new room by disconnecting the old room. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth and references to where a Direct TV dish should be installed they are sending the moron back out again this AM.


11-12-2007, 06:24 AM
I definitely know what you are going through. Probably not to the extent but we have had problems like this in the past with them. The main problem we had was they would send contractors (non-DTV) to do the work and they workmanship was quite shoddy.

Hopefully everything works out for you and if not tell them to take it all out you are going with cable. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif