View Full Version : An aiming system for weaker eyes...

07-30-2002, 05:52 AM
Here's an aiming 'system' I haven't seen mentioned much, but it seems to help as you cross the 40yo line and the old eagle eyesight begins to blur...

Feel the aim between your bridge hand & your butt hand -- kind of like Annie Oakley, shooting from the hip -- feeling the aim, rather than straining your eyes to focus on some target that is only a blur anyway! I find at least it relaxes the tension in my eyes a little, which is a pleasant side benefit, and it even works a little too. Another thing about getting a little older is finding yourself slipping into a more upright stance, and this Annie Oakley feel method helps cope with that too. I find I still have to force myself down for real thin cuts, or long shots, though. This 'feel method' probably works best with a light, loose & relaxed grip on the butt, BTW ('course maybe every aiming method does!!).

phil in sofla
07-30-2002, 11:02 AM
Tim Davis ('The Monk') talks about feeling the line of the shot into the thigh, or at least, square into the leg, when he's aligned right. CJ Wiley talks about getting the back hand right on the hip as you prepare to make your line to the shot with your feet. Both are confirming that the back leg is in line with the shot, just as you say.