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11-20-2007, 06:39 AM
As most of you may know, the predator bk2 break stick normally comes with a phenolic tip. i've come across a couple dealers who sell the cue with a leather Tiger Everest tip. My question is why would the dealer replace the phenolic tip and put the everest on there? is this a Predator BK2 option? (from predator themselves) or is this done purely by the dealer selling it? I guess the leather tip helps with CB control but isn't it a little counter-productive seeing as how predator designed the cue with the phenolic tip so it could break up to its maximum potential in the first place? i'm just a little confused on the concept here.

i'm also not very familiar with general regulation tournament rules (professional tournament rules I guess), are all phenolic tips banned making a BK2 w/ phenolic tip useless?

thanks in advance guys

11-20-2007, 08:39 AM
Yes, it is counter-productive, but some players can not master breaking with a phenolic tip because of their technique, so predator offers the option for a leather tip. Going to a leather tip, IMO, would expect a 15% dropoff in power.

Very few tournaments will not allow phenolic tips for breaking, and it is usually done on a tournament by tournament basis. I played for 46 years, and never played in a tournament that didn't allow them.

I wish you would state the dollar range you have to spend for what you want to get, it makes it much easier for recommendations, especially for staying within your budget.

Just like the case thread, a first time buyer for a case, and people are making recommendations for cases that cost
$450-800 dollars, which I think is not within common sense, especially considering the cues that have to be bought to go in it.

11-20-2007, 12:06 PM
Well I'm undecided as of yet on budget.. I currently have a cue not distributed in the US (around the $180 range) but am considering stepping up to a predator production cue.. I like the 5K5 although I also might even consider their SP just to save some money. Looking at picking up an instroke buffalo 2x4 and the bk2 as well. would be nice to make all the purchases at once, might be able to work some kind of deal out. i had my eye on the predator air as well but that isn't necessary and can wait. (although its only $127 more.. he he)