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11-21-2007, 09:09 PM
The Wanderon's ages 40 and 9-1/2.


Fran Crimi
11-21-2007, 09:22 PM
What a great picture! Fats looked like his father. Thanks for sharing that.


08-27-2008, 11:24 AM
Additional info not given in the recent Dyer article. Seen here:

The photo that I posted is not from St. Louis nor is Fats age 6. I have the complete pages that the photo came from which is his fathers passport application. Fats grandfather was also named Rudolph so the jr/sr thing is only relative.

The Wanderon's are from Suhr, Switzerland. Fats' parents were living at 410 Gregory Ave, Waukegan, Hudson Co., NJ 07086 [from the fathers draft reg. card, signed without an e ending] in 1942. The card has diagonal writing with the words "Deceased" and "Cancelled". His sister Julia married John W. Mills on 17 Oct 1927 in Manhattan[cert. #30321]. His sister Bertha died in Ephrata, Grant Co., WA. She was married to Bernard D. Corwin. An obituary search has been requested by me.

Wanderon, Rudolph age 9 born NY, NY 01 Apr 1914; from NY passenger ship list of 27 Mar 1924. He is also listed as age 9 on the Hamburg passenger list of that year.

On the US passenger list of 1909 Rosa Wanderon, Fats' mother, is listed as having last resided in Hamburg, Germany and gives a reference, name and address, to someone living there. She is listed as single on both the US and Hamburg passenger ship lists. This conflicts with her having had 3 children by a previous marriage.

Probably only collaterally relevant and the translation that I have is rather poor.

Without spending any money I don't expect that I will find anything further but the records are out there.


08-27-2008, 12:19 PM
Awesome read and great pictures of the "Fat Man" thanks for sharing.