View Full Version : Searching for a pool table, brunswick or...?

11-28-2007, 08:09 AM
My journey started out with looking at a pool table in Costco. It was a SportCraft Geneva. It looked nice, but then I started researching pool tables and boy am I glad I didn't buy that one!

I want to get a pool table for my husband for Christmas, so although my journey took me from Costco to Brunswick, to Pool Tables USA (PTUSA), I am back again to Costco because they have both of these brands on the Costco website.

I don't hear anything about PTUSA. I can get either one for about the same price so I should stick with Brunswick? I played a lot in college which was a long time ago, but I loved it. I was watching my husband play over Thanksgiving and he had so much fun I just have to get one. We have the space.

The only reason I want to go through Costco for the Brunswick is because of their shipping and set up. If I went through Brunswick for their pool table, well we live like 120 miles or more from the nearest Brunswick dealer. Plus it would be extra for the cue's, balls, etc.

PTUSA would be cheaper going through their website, but I would get a Kettler table top if I went through Costco. So what's up with PTUSA? What would you guys do?