View Full Version : Shaft Engineering or Needs to be Broken in?

11-29-2007, 02:20 PM
I got very irritated last night as I had purchased a new McDermott cue and was very dissapointed in the feel of the hit. All my 'career' I have shot with a Cuetec and never though much of the feel. Many friends and pool associates tried convincing me many times to get away from fiberglass and use a wood shaft. I was accustomed to the way the fiberglass felt in my bridge hand and would never listen.

My wife shoots with a Lucassi and the feel of the hit on the cue ball was a little better than I usually feel with a Cuetec, since the shaft is more flexible. The slight difference still did not change my mind. It was not until I started shooting with my buddies McDermott that I decided to get a wood shaft. His McDermott is a couple years old now and from what I have seen is the Genesis series purchased from Pool-A-Rama (now The Great Escape).

I bought a McDermott Alpha Plus, which in the description is the same exact cue without any wrap. The hit with my new cue felt no different than the Cuetec that I always shot with, very stiff. I also have a Tiger Laminated soft tip on the cue to help with a softer feel, as this is my preference. His cue still has the standard Triangle that came on the cue.

Other than just the feel you can hear the difference in the hit. My cue sounds almost like a miscue anytime a slight amount of english is applied to the cue ball. I hit the same shot with His cue and it sounds and feels great. Also, playing on bar boxes, I end up with some rocks for cue balls, which with my cue (and my old Cuetec) can only draw minimal. With my buddies cue I get close to 50% draw of what I can with a good cue ball.

Has an adjustment been made in engineering in the past couple years that would make this so crappy, or does my cue need more time to break in, either the shaft or the tip?

Another note: I would love to play with a Meucci, but cannot afford one at this point in time.

All help is greatly appreciated.


11-30-2007, 08:37 AM
You might have either a loose weight bolt or a badly installed tip.