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12-06-2007, 04:44 PM
My husband and I have been playing the new game of Bobble Ball Hand Billiard Bowling in league and we are having a great time. Even though we are pool players, most of the people in the leagues are not pool players and yet we are all having fun together. This game is played without a cue stick, but that is, in actuality, what is making this game appeal to a broader base of people. Everyone enjoys rolling pool balls around on the pool table, but some people are just more comfortable rolling the balls by hand than jumping straight into learning how to use a cue stick. By the end of our league, many of these non pool players were asking, "How do you play pool?" and "This is a fun game for the family, how much is a pool table?"

The billiard industry has been searching for ways to get more people to play pool. This is one game that is already accomplishing that goal. The question is, can we pool players sometimes set our cue sticks aside as a gesture of understanding so that we can attract more people to play our fun sport of billiards? I have been an eye witness to non pool players stepping up to a pool table and not wanting to step away. Check out bobbleball.com and watch the video or look at the league survey results on their blog and draw your own conclusion.

(Just a side note: When only pool players are around, I use this ball playing normal 8 Ball and 9 Ball which is called "Tag Ball." Now this is a very fun and challenging game as it messes up your ability to plan your next 1, 2, or 3 shot. You have to always have a back up plan in case the ball "bobbles" to where you didn't want it to. In fact, I was watching a 3 cushion carem tournament on the web a few weeks back and, thanks to playing these Bobble Ball games, I actually saw a 5 cushion shot BEFORE the player shot it!! These games have really helped improve my pool game and understanding of banks and deflection.)

Just don't use this ball on a ball return table. My friend tried it on his table and there is a risk of it getting stuck.

12-06-2007, 09:18 PM