View Full Version : The true story of the three wise men...(Non PC)

12-20-2007, 07:31 PM
In Dayton, Ohio 3 men of Appalachian descent (I'm trying to be PC, can I say briar if I am one?) were laid off from the local GM plant just before Christmas.

They saw an ad in the Sunday paper for actors in a Christmas play and it paid $20.00/hr.

They applied and the director took one look at them and she says "You three are PERFECT! Be here tomorrow at 8 for dress rehearsal as the three wise men!"

One of them asked "How will we know how to dress?" Another asked "How will we know our names?" The last asked "How will we know our lines?"

She answers them all "Just read in the gospel and it will answer all of this."

The next AM they show up. All three are wearing yellow rain slickers and fireman's hats. One is carrying a hose, another two buckets of sand, and the third has a pick axe.

She shrieks "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

They answer in unison "We did what you sed and read the Biblical story and dressed like it sez."

She asks "How on EARTH did you get that idea?"

They reply "It sex the three wize men had come from a fahr!"