View Full Version : The ghost of Christmas past...

12-25-2007, 06:45 AM
Never let it be forgotten that this Christmas Season was marred by a cross forum war instigated by "HONDO THE HORRIBLE HATER FROM THE HILLS."

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote hondo:</font><hr> On AZ all the opposition to LWW got tired of his crap &amp; quit posting. Now all there is are long boring
religious discussions in which this British atheist called
Boronut, who's kind of an odd mix of LWW &amp; Sonoma
basically beats all the believers down. Very boring.
On here Gayle got tired of LWWs crap &amp; left.
Sonoma humiliated LWW &amp; he left.
Bamadog tried to go to war without any weapons
and appears to have given up.
Sonoma keeps us entertained with his little tidbits,
but it's not enough.
I'm sure Egs happy that LWW 's not getting all the
I'm sure Fran's happy that the politics have gone byby.
Somebody on one of these boards need to stir up some crap.
Let's get something going!
Am I right? <hr /></blockquote>


Hondo's mentor and senator,
Robert Byrd, displays the
latest in Kleaglewear. A
great gift for any Exalted
Cyclops on your holiday
list this season!
-For the low low price of
only 1 immortal soul.-