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12-27-2007, 07:44 AM
15 ball rotation is a great game and a tough game, but the traditional rules for scoring are the pits.

I've been thinking about a scoring variation and wanted to get some input along with other ideas. What do you think of this:

1. Coin toss or lag for break

2. Winner breaks ONLY from head spot.

3. All balls made on break = 1 point Breaker continues if ball(s) are made.

4. Since a full table is more difficult to work around, each ball from 1 through 8 = 2 points.

5. If a player runs 1 through 8 consecutively he receives a 10 point bonus

6. Any ball made between 9 through 15 = 1 point

7. If a player runs 9 through 15 consecutively he receives a 5 point bonus

8. If any balls are made on the break in 9 through 15, it kills the bonus for that group of balls but he gets one point for pocketing it. If a player is shooting 1 through 8 and combo's or caroms a ball in the 9-15 group, it gets spotted back up UNLESS he makes his designated ball and the 9-15 goes in on the same stroke. He'll get the 1 point but kills the bonus for the group unless it's done on the 8 and he can continue to the next group.

9. 10 point bonus jackpot if a player runs all 15 balls in one inning

9. Winner is based on a predetermined point total at the beginning of the 1st game. 100, 150, 200, or whatever.

10.Total points that a player can win in one rack by running all 15 balls would be 48. 16 points for running 1 through 8; 10 point bonus; 7 points for running 9-15; 5 bonus points for 9-15 consecutively. 10 point bonus jackpot for running all 15 balls.

Ideas, ideas. Throw out the ideas.

12-27-2007, 10:21 AM
I guess this is o.k. but I never thought the old game was so bad. If someone is challenged to count up the point value of the balls, maybe a calculator would help.

12-27-2007, 10:49 AM
<blockquote><font class="small">Quote Deeman3:</font><hr> I guess this is o.k. but I never thought the old game was so bad. If someone is challenged to count up the point value of the balls, maybe a calculator would help. <hr /></blockquote>

The old game is end loaded point wise. Balls 1 through 10, which are usually the hardest to make because of clusters and congestion only total 55 points. Balls 11 through 15 total 65 points. A player can run 10 of the toughest balls and lose to the last 5 balls which could be all open shots. Btw, nobody is proposing the old game to be abolished. This is just a variation on a theme and different challenge to make it interesting.

The other factor in the game I proposed is the gambling aspect which can have multiple opportunities for both player and railbirds.

Lets assume player A breaks and comes up dry. Player B comes in and can make a bet that he gets the first bonus of running 1 through 8 based on the table layout. Player A can accept, reject, or odds can make it more appealing.
Player A can also initiate the bet.

The same thing can occur from 9 through 15 or running a complete rack. Money can be bet on who wins each game, the total points agreed upon (200 or whatever) and a dollar amount on point differential. In other words, player A gets 200 points and player B ends up with 100 points for $1 per point comes to $100. It gives a lot of options and opportunities in each game all the way through the end.

Why don't players/bettors like 14.1 anymore? Because it moves too slow. 9 ball moves fast and so does this, except this is harder than 9 ball.

12-30-2007, 04:03 PM
We've been playing a game called Rotation Continuous which is really good. In scoring, each ball is worth one point and on the first shot, the player gets cue ball in hand anywhere on the table...for the first shot only. Even after the break, if a ball goes in, it's counted as a point and cue ball in hand anywhere to shoot at the lowest numbered ball on the table. If there aren't any balls made on the break, incoming player gets ball in hand anywhere. We usually play to 50 points and the score is kept like 14.1 is. Scratches count just like straight pool. After the last ball of the rack is made, a new rack of all 15 balls with the 1 as the head ball and the 2
&amp; 3 balls in the corners. It's stricktly offense without any safeties.