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01-01-2008, 07:59 AM
It was only a matter of time before the mainstream media ran out of catchy anti-Bush headlines. Starting with the 2000 elections the US editors appeared to be engaged in a prestigious contest: who would cast the President in the worst possible light. The opportunities seemed unlimited. The headline-writers spent countless nights awash in the pale glow of their monitors, coming up with one brilliant hook after another. But four years of consistent Bush-bashing have eventually exhausted everyone's vocabulary and imagination. So when George W. Bush was reelected in November of 2004, several pundits sensed that a crisis of creativity would soon plague the media. By the end of the second quarter of this year, the national media hit rock bottom.

"There are only so many words one can string together while remaining impartial and objective - even if it's such a fertile topic as our dumb and evil dictator President who is bent on bombing caribou herds back into the Stone Age in Alaska," says Susan Stein, editor of The Village Voice, a mainstream New York newspaper. "Our paper is getting thinner with every issue. We are now considering running blank pages; we call it a "fill in the blanks" approach. Our readers are extremely educated and knowledgeable; they'll get the point anyway."~

Some journalists admit to having been a bit too wasteful and overzealous with their anti-Bush headlines in the past. "I guess we should've saved some for later," says Lenora Calhoun, a New York Times reporter. "The well is dry," she continues, "but who knew the idiot would get reelected? We had a lot of fun with headlines during his first term, though. Lots of good memories."

As a result, the once elaborate and artistic headlines in the papers are being commonly replaced today by such bland and meaningless titles as "Bush is Bush" and the rather implausible "Bush Eats Condors For Breakfast." Such weak efforts will fool only the most gullible part of the Democratic constituency. No wonder subscriptions are dropping rapidly across the country.

"It was a time bomb," agrees Fatima Shah, who works in the same room with Lenora. "I think Karl Rove planned it all from the very beginning. Now who is the real terrorist here? Hey! Didn't I just come up with a good headline! Gotta get back to my desk. There's a Pulitzer Prize with my name on it."


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