View Full Version : Can Scratches in a Ferule be Removed?

01-01-2008, 11:18 AM
Happy New Year!

A-1 Billiards in Las Vegas last re-tipped my Viking cue but scratched up its ferule in the process. So I will be taking my cue to a shop that's better equipped to do cue repairs. Is it possible for scratches in a ferule to be removed by putting the shaft on a lathe or would the ferule need to be replaced? Thanks

01-01-2008, 04:10 PM
I found my answer here: http://thepoolcue.com/predatorcues.html. I have a standard ferrule for a Viking cue and not the 314 ferrule, but it stands to reason what's quoted below from that site about getting the scratches out or turning down the ferrule applies to my Viking cue.

DO NOT TRY TO REPLACE THE 314 FERRULE OR TURN IT DOWN BELOW 12.25MM; if you do, it will no longer be covered under warranty. The 314 ferrule is a polymer developed specifically for its’ properties of stiffness and hardness. Much of the 314 shaft’s performance can be attributed to our ferrule’s design and composition. A very fine micro paper (1000 grit) will remove most scratches. Careful sanding is essential since the wood, being much softer, could be sanded to a smaller diameter than the ferrule."