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01-01-2008, 05:41 PM
I had the chance to watch RandyG play yesterday in casual play, he was playing with a personal cue which had a great report IMO, my being I'm a hard tip fan. Randy allowed me to hit a few ball, and still it had that nice, hard sound, even Sid with his less than exquisite stroke made a few balls in a row with it, BUT! in response to "what kinda tip you use Randy?", the answer was a medium Moori. It's bugged me since then why the report on all of my cues, using only Moori Quick tips, tip height on my regular play cue being basically about where Randy's Jerico tip was(semi short), and THAT "tink" sound isn't in my Woodworth w/Moori Quick, or my other array of cues. I suppose that the answer must be in the joint material or butt construction, or even as simple as a particular Moori M just being uniqie in itself. I had to ask here if I am wrong. I never expected that the medium tip could have sounded so sweet, compared to a hard tip. I play with an OB1 shaft, and that may have been of influence. TIA...sid

01-02-2008, 07:29 AM
SID: That Jerico was custom made for my stroke. We tried many different tips (hundreds of shots) until the Moori Medium was selected. I agree with you about the sound and the feel of my Jerico, it's absolutely beautiful. My Jerico is a wood-to-wood joint with a false stainless steel collar.

Each player must have a different opinion about feel and sound.

I'm happy you stopped by the Billiard Den and made some money with me. That was the first time I picked up my cue since my hip replacement. Sure felt good to strike a ball again! Each day my game should slowly appear.

By the way, you never missed a ball with that Jerico...good job.........SPF=randyg

01-02-2008, 12:23 PM
IMO, "Feel" is a very personal experience.
Too many variables including type of tip, with or without a pad, shaft taper and type of construction (Predator, OB1 and the other plywood types) joint construction, wrap type (linen, nylon, animal skin ect.) and finally the butt base wood (I prefer cocabola) all add to the feel of a cue when stricking the cue ball.

When you know you like the 'feel' of the cue as it comes in contact with the cue ball more than likely (IMO), you'll be more confident in your execution and more likely to be more successful.

I like the 'feel' of my Pete Ohmen cue. And many players that have hit with it also like it.