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08-02-2002, 10:25 AM
2-Spot Qualifier!!! The qualifier is for New York and a 2003 WPBA event.

Ladies 9-Ball tournament is next weekend.

We are only doing 1 tour this year! Don't wait until 2003 to improve your game!!!

**If you are new to the game of nine ball or are learning how to play, we are also running a 16 player intro to 9-ball tour.

Please forward this e-mail to ALL women that you have on your e-mail list that play pool!!!

3rd stop:
Aug 10-11, at
Billiard Connection in
17051 Devonshire St. Northridge
(818) 831-0747

We will pay out at least 1/2 of the field!

Tournament Information:

Here is the information about the 2002 SCWBT Tour (Southern California Women's Billiard Tour). The fees for the single event is $75 (see below for the 2 and 3 tournament packages). Dress code "B" for all events. We will be paying out at lease 1/2 of the field, and there are 2 qualifying spots for a WPBA Pro event up for grabs.

Regular 9-Ball Tour
~ $1000 minimum added per event
~ WPBA Rules for **9-ball**
~ Race to 7 on the winners side
~ Race to 5 on the one loss side
~ Single race to 9 in the finals
~ Players meeting at 10 am on Saturday morning.
~ Matches begin at 11am
~ All players welcome!!! (No Touring Pros)

Intro to 9-Ball Tour
~ WPBA Rules for **9-ball**
~ Race to 5 on the winners side
~ Race to 4 on the one loss side
~ Single race to 7 in the finals
~ Players meeting at 2 pm on Saturday.
~ Matches begin at 4 pm
~ All intro players welcome!!! APA 4 or below.

**Players already invited are not eligible to win the qualifying spot**

Directions to Billiard Connection in Northridge.
405 (N)
Exit Devonshire (L)
Billiard Connection is on the Right hand side. 17051 Devonshire St. (818) 831-0747

**Make checks payable to:

Mike Hurst
369 Avocado St. #D-102
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

e-mail: facets58@netzero.net

---You can save $25 off of your entry by signing up 2 **NEW** players. Call for details.

Here are some of the highlights of our tour for this year.
We will be continuing our regular tour format for regular tour players (up to an 80 player field). These events will feature a race to 7 on the winners side, race to 5 on the won-loss side and a single race to 9 in the finals.
Each event in our regular tour will be a 2-spot qualifier for WPBA Pro events. The player who finishes 1st in each event will get to choose between one of two Pro Events they would like to play in (provided that they have not already been invited to that event). The highest finishing non-invited player will receive the other qualifying spot.
The highest ranked player after the 2nd event (or player not already invited) will get automatic entry into the Illinois and New York WPBA events.
The overall tour winner and runner-up will receive an invite to the 2002 WPBA Nationals.
The overall tour winner will also receive invites to *ALL* of the 2003 WPBA Classic tour events along with an invite to the 2003 BCA Open 9-Ball Championships. \
We are also introducing an "Intro to 9-Ball tour". This tour will be for new players competing in 9-Ball events or players in the "beginning level" of their skill. There will be a race to 5 on the winners side, race to 4 on the won loss side and a single race to 7 in the finals. This field will be limited to 16 players.
Free entry into the Sunday 2nd chance tournament for the intro tour players if they get knocked out of the tournament on Saturday.

Players are encouraged to sign up for the 4-stop tour but can also just play in 1, 2 or 3 events. We are offering event packages as follows:
Single event entry is $75. The player can choose any single event they wish to participate in.
Two tournament package is $140. The player can choose any two events they wish to participate in.

Mike Hurst

Helping to further the sport of women's billiards.
(949) 645-7180

08-05-2002, 10:05 AM
Can the pros play?

08-07-2002, 10:22 AM
No touring pros allowed!!!