View Full Version : Ethics in politics??? Not in our lifetime.

01-14-2008, 08:05 PM
It looks like neither party has the market cornered when it comes to a lack of ethics...check out the list of the top 10 most corrupt politicians

www.judicialwatch.org/ (http://www.judicialwatch.org/)
6 Dems and 4 Reps in the top ten...is there an ethical politician anywhere within 100 miles of Washington?


01-15-2008, 05:45 AM
Yes there are.

The 2 party system however has divided the population so severely that criminal misconduct is overlooked daily based on:

1-Party affiliation.
2-The assumption that "THE OTHER GUY!" is doing the same thing.

while at the same time believing anything, no matter how ridiculous, about the other side.

To partisans, no evidence is needed to convict an enemy and no evidence is sufficient to even consider the possibility that someone on their side is guilty.

Look at what goes on here daily.

Does anyone really believe that Bush and conservatives armed Saddam with WMDs to kill his own people, then made sure he has no more so we could dummy up a war in order to steal their oil and murder their citizens to enrich the stock value of a company they have no holdings in?

You hear the same ridiculous unsupported lies told here daily.

Does anyone really believe that the DNC and liberals want to ban the Baby Jesus, perform abortions on every woman in America, betray the nation so Arab armies may occupy our nation, and sit huddled in caves to avoid carbon emissions?

There are plenty of people in America who think this.

The REALITY is that there is precious little difference between the 2 parties in what they actually do.

By the partisan division however, they have made it nearly impossible to gather 12 citizens at random who can view the evidence and not come to a partisan conclusion.

I rail against the DNC here so much because they have so many ideologically blinded adherents in this forum. That and, in a direct comparison, they are the worst of 2 very bad choices IMHO.

Examples of that are if you are caught in a mens room as an R you get ran off by the party. If you get caught with a male prostitution ring being ran from your condo you get a leadership position with the DNC as Barney Frank did.

If you were a judge removed from office by impeachment the RNC would run from you whereas the DNC would back you and want to put you in a leadership position as they did with Alcee Hastings.

If you were known as an unindicted coconspirator in an Arab bribery scandal the RNC wouldn't touch you while the DNC would put you in a leadership position as they have with John Murtha.

Put another way, if an RNC crook is found the party will conduct a show trial where he is rebuked and then replace them with another crook.

The DNC OTOH will deny that any crime was committed, and if there was it must have been Bush.