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08-03-2002, 03:32 AM
I responded to a previous post by Zeldon for chalk and listed an interesting patent I came across related to pool.
I came across a few more that I thought I would share.

Pool player stance training mat - The present invention provides a mat for training proper stance for a pool player. The mat comprises linear indicia marked thereon for alignment with respect to a cue held by the player and hand position indicia marked on the linear indicia for positioning of the mat directly below the player's rear hand when properly held on the cue. Further indicia are marked on the mat for proper location and orientation of the player's right and left feet when the mat has been oriented and positioned with respect to a cue and a cue ball to be hit on the basis of the linear and hand position indicia. When properly used, this mat enables a pool player to quickly and easily understand and adopt a proper stance, resulting in improved consistency of pool playing.

Hand-held power cue stick chalker and talcum powder dispenser - A hand-held unit carries a cue chalk cube and includes a power source for oscillating the cue chalk cube in a substantially rectilinear path. On the other end of the hand-held unit from the cue chalk cube is situated a talcum powder dispenser. A file for dressing the cue tip is attached to the outside of the unit.

8-ball relaxer - A relaxing device in the form of a hard, hollow ball with a smooth hard coating decorated with a number of figure 8s to simulate the 8-ball in pocket billiards. A bell is mounted within the ball. Manipulation of the ball produces pleasant sensations of feel, sight, and sound.

Cue tip conditioning device - A device for conditioning the tip of a pool cue includes a hand-held housing containing a motor and two or more separate tip conditioning mechanisms separately powered by the motor. The pool cue can be inserted into one opening in the housing for subjecting the cue tip to a scuffing action. The pool cue can be inserted into a second opening in the housing in order to apply chalk to the cue tip surface. Preferably the housing contains a powder dispenser for supplying moisture-absorbing powder to the hands of the pool player

Electronic voice and control system for billiards - The present invention relates to an electronic voice and control system for billiards. The inventive system, intended for use with a standard billiard table having a separate return for the cue ball, includes sensors on each pocket to indicate when a ball has entered a particular pocket. Audio and visual display devices, responsive to various aspects of the game, are included to indicate different events or game related information occurring during playing of the game. Switching means are provided to indicate which player is playing as well as all electric circuitry, including programmable devices, to facilitate the audio and visual display devices being responsive to player and game activity.

Those are just some of the 100's I found. Has anyone ever seen any of them or something similar?