View Full Version : Beware of people offering olive branches

01-20-2008, 09:45 PM
I worry more about my fears than my hopes,considering the choice of candidates."Obama has called for a new kind of politics that he says should appeal to people's hopes, not their fears".

Gayle in MD
01-21-2008, 11:07 AM
He reminds me of Guiliani, trying to run for president on one vote, just like Guiliani, acting like he's presidential material, just because he's in all the clips from 9/11, so what?

Obama voted present 130 times since he's been in there. Does that sound like a man who can make decisions?

Hillary is the only candidate that will get my vote in the primary. Watching him in the debates, does not show me a man who knows the issues, and can address them on his feet.
She has outperformed him everytime, IMO.

Hillary has a proven track record. The Republicans have thrown everything they could embroider at her already. She's still standing, while they're going down. That's proof enough for me that she has what it takes to defeat them.

And the Republican Rhetoric about wanting to run against Hillary, is just that. Do you think they're going to tell the truth, (They never do anyway, about anything,) about which candidate they're afraid of? Hell no!

It's important to do whatever we can do to keep a Republican from the White House. Another Republican Administration would be as disasterous as this idiotic war. Our future depends on it.

Gayle in Md.