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01-22-2008, 07:45 AM
... AKA "ElDub interviews a friend. I'll call him lefty.

ElDub: “So, what’s bothering you lefty?”
Lefty: “BUSH!”

ElDub: “What did he do?”
Lefty: “Bush lied to get us into an illegal war!”

ElDub: “What lies?”
Lefty: “You know, WMDs and all that!”

ElDub: “Perhaps, but then the entire DNC leadership as well as the intel of many nations must have lied also?”
Lefty: “NO! Bush lied to them and gave them false data! BUSH LIED!”

ElDub: “Actually Bush made the same intel, the same intel Clinton used, available to everyone and most of his detractors didn’t even read it! Doesn’t that bother you?”
Lefty: “NO! It was true when Clinton used it but when Bush uses it then it’s a lie! Quit twisting things! Anyway, after that he started torturing innocents so you support torture!”

ElDub: “Not really, but it depends on what definition is used and none accusing the US of torture wants to define it.”
Lefty: “I know torture when I see it. Bush condones and tortures innocents!”

ElDub: “OK, if you saw torture what would it look like?”
Lefty: “That’s deflection, Bush uses torture and you know it!”

ElDub: “So, you are against torture but you can’t define it yet you would risk thousands of lives debating something you can’t define?”
Lefty: “There you go twisting things again! And besides that, what about Bush and Cheney and Halliburton? Huh? What about that?”

ElDub: “OK, Halliburton … good or bad … has had no bid contracts for decades so there’s no news there. Bush has no stock holdings whatsoever, Cheney owns no Halliburton other than stock options donated to charity after he leaves office while at the same time Michael Moore and George Soros have HUGE Halliburton holdings. Doesn’t the hypocrisy bug you?”
Lefty: “NO! There you go twisting things again. Bush is an oil man and he went in to steal Iraqi oil!”

ElDub: “Well, if that’s true why is the Iraqi oil still there?”
Lefty: “Would you stop that! Bush is an oil man and you know it!”

ElDub: “Actually Bush lost his arse in oil while Gore actually was an oil baron. Bush, OTOH, made his booty on baseball. Again, don’t you see the double standard you are using?”
Lefty: “NO! And there you go spinning things again! Bush and his cronies are plundering the planet for their own joy!”

ElDub: “Actually, Bush lives in an off grid house so he walks the walk, while Gore uses multiple times what the average American does. Again, can’t you see the hypocrisy here?”
Lefty: “NO! Bush is EEEVILLL and Gore’s message is what’s important, not what he actually does!”

ElDub: “And it doesn’t bother you that the message that Gore sends out is that you can be a hypocrite as long as you vote D and send Al $40 a month for carbon credits.”
Lefty: “THERE YOU GO AGAIN! How can I talk to you when you won’t realize the planet’s survival is at stake! We have unquestionable experts!”

ElDub: “Just like the coming Ice Age the same experts predicted?”
Lefty: “There you go spinning again! NO! These experts are beyond reproach!”

ElDub: “What about all the dissenters, including those who were once working for IPCC?”
Lefty: “They are traitors and heretics!”

ElDub: “I thought they were unquestionable and beyond reproach?”
Lefty: “They were, until they became heretics and traitors!”

ElDub: “What happened?”
Lefty: “They were bought off!”

ElDub: “So, scientists can be bought for hard cash for research?”
Lefty: “Of course, Exxon does it all the time!”

ElDub: “So does the govt and nutjob eco groups, what’s the difference?”
Lefty: “There you go twisting things again! Exxon money is bad, govt money is good”

ElDub: “So, these scientists are so crooked they would sell out the world to burn for Exxon’s money yet they are so noble they would never sell out for govt money?”
Lefty: “SEE! Why can’t you stay on topic. Bush is forcing people at NASA to deny AGW.”

ElDub: “But NASA has always had issue with AGW?”
Lefty: “See, you can’t just agree with what I believe can you?”

ElDub: “Not necessarily, but I do like to know why I changed my mind before I actually do … and to do that I need evidence.”
Lefty: “Evidence schmevidence. It’s out there. Al said so. I don’t have time to look for evidence!”

ElDub: “Well I’ve posted up a lot of evidence and it doesn’t jive with what you are telling me?”
Lefty: “I told you, I don’t have time for evidence. Besides, how come you don’t want to talk about Blackwater.”

ElDub: “What about Blackwater?”
Lefty: “I’m very concerned about them.”

ElDub: “What about them?”
Lefty: “Well, to be specific, it’s the concering things that concern me.”

ElDub: “What are they?”
Lefty: “There you go again! We need hearings into a lot of this stuff anyways.”

ElDub: “OK, what about.”
Lefty: “Things.”

ElDub: “What things?”
Lefty: “Concerning things.”

ElDub: “Such as?”
Lefty: “What crimes might have been committed, of course!”

ElDub: “What crimes are we seeing if they were committed?”

ElDub: “So, you want hearings about you don’t know what committed by you don’t know who somewhere around you don’t know when for reasons you haven’t discerned at a location as yet unknown?”
Lefty: “There you go again! Giving Bush a pass!”

ElDub: “No, but I’d like to know the point of all this?”
Lefty: “Bush is a crook and Rove is the mastermind! HE STILL HAS A TELEPHONE!”

ElDub: “So what did he do?”
Lefty: “You’ll see Friday when he’s indicted! GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY!”

ElDub: “But your evidence here is the word of a convicted felon who is an admitted alcoholic and drug addict who has been fired for plagiarism and falsifying stories in the past. Do you trust this?”
Lefty: “See, you can’t stay on topic … you have to slime the source!”

ElDub: “That wasn’t slime, it was the truth. BTW, Friday passed and Karl was at the vet with his cat.”
Lefty: “Stop deflecting things. The evidence is clear. GUILTY-GUILTY-GUILTY!”

ElDub: “Well, if we don’t try people anymore I suppose you’ll stop about Gitmo?”
Lefty: “NO! These are poor innocents held illegally without trial or counsel by the illegal Bush machine!”

ElDub: “You do know that they get counsel and that almost nobody who was there at the beginning is still there, and that many/most of those released have returned to fight jihad against us?”
Lefty: “Would you stop spinning everything! Everybody knows Bush has made the world more dangerous!”

ElDub: “Even though the axis of evil are at least less into the WMD business and we haven’t been hit for 6+ years?”
Lefty: “There you go again! Everybody knows Bush has sank the stock market!”

ElDub: “Actually it’s up about 20% since he took office and about 50% from it’s post 9/11 bottom.”
Lefty: “See, you don’t want to talk about the deficit.”

ElDub: “Actually, I’d love to. Bush screwed the pooch here, but he had and continues to have plenty of help from congress.”
Lefty: “NO! ONLY BUSH AND REPUBLICANS ARE TO BLAME! This is all the result of tax breaks for the rich!”

ElDub: “Actually the tax burden went up on top earners and down on low earners while the cuts increased federal revenue. Spending is the problem.”
Lefty: “NO! We must expand free healthcare. A couple with a net worth of $400K and an $80K income can’t possibly be expected to live with 3 late model cars as opposed to 4 in order to pay $100 to take their kid to the dentist! YOU WANT CHILDREN TO GO WITHOUT HEALTHCARE SO YOU CAN FEED YOUR SELFISH INTERESTS!”

ElDub: “Not at all. I’d just like to see the parents held to accountability.”
Lefty: “See, you have no compassion. You want to live in a theocratic fascist state ran by Chimp and his EEEVILLL friends!”

ElDub: “I have no Idea where that came from”


01-22-2008, 02:23 PM
Seriously, LWW, you should seek psychiatric help as soon as possible. Do not do so could seriously jeopardize the lives of a handful of insects when you finally go off the deep end.

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Need a tissue?

I think some spittle got on your monitor on that one. /ccboard/images/graemlins/grin.gif


01-22-2008, 06:10 PM
No problem, buddy. I can handle the spittle just fine as long as you can sit there in a puddle of your drool all day.

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Now, now ... your BP is rising again.