02-07-2008, 08:43 PM
Ide read this before ordering a custom cue from meucci. Since I am wanting to buy a meucci, I figured I would search the whole net on things about meucci's cues. This is dulling my apetite for them. Read this guys forum on shaft straightening.. Youll see some dissapointing things.


02-07-2008, 08:52 PM
I've read that before. It wouldn't stop me from buying a Meucci cue, if that's what I wanted.

02-07-2008, 08:56 PM
Dang .. I guess warping is going to happen no matter how much you try to prevent it.

02-08-2008, 01:55 AM
I have read this before,and noticed exactly the same thing this time as I did before.....The person writing this is full of something that would come out of the north end of a southbound mule. Plain and simply HE IS A LIAR! You can tell this right from the very beginning. He says he ordered a Freshman-1 "Power Piston"....There is no way. The Freshman line ARE NOT POWER PISTONS! I have the FR-3 (freshman number 3) the only difference between it and the FR-1 is the color. Secondly he says he ordered a black breaker. This is another lie, because Meucci does not market a designated break stick. It is possible to get an all black "demo" butt. If this is really what he ordered (which I seriously doubt), what serious player, who is going to lay out that much money, is going to order a laminated low deflection shaft, with a narrowed pro taper for a break stick? (in stating that this was his intention, did he inadvertently admit to being a fool?). As I go back and reread this, I also noticed the description of the packaging....Every stick or shaft I have ever bought from Meucci has been well packaged. For the past few years they have always been wrapped with bubble wrap. Plus they strongly recommend shipping insurance, (I amnot even sure they will ship the stick without it)
I also wonder why he keeps saying he called "Meucci Originals" since that title was dropped in the 80s (I think 87, but cannot remember for sure). Bob Meucci also does something special with the name on custom order, non production, sticks. The stick in the picture does not show this, leading me to believe it is a photoshop by someone who does not know meuccis .
The author of that post is blowing smoke out his tailpipe, and I hope he gets caught in his own lies. The only part I can believe at all is the part about his credit card being invalid.

One of the best shooting sticks I have is an old (mid 90s) special order Meucci. I can assure you that Bob Meucci is VERY professional and does everything possible to make customers, that want something unique happy. He will make exactly what a customer wants, and is very concerned about customer satisfaction. My custom has special colors, and inlays. as well as having a narrowed butt, and has an inch longer shaft than standard production cues

02-09-2008, 02:50 PM
I think I have the only Meucci on the face of the planet that refuses to warp. I've left it leaning against a wall for a couple of weeks, and nothing happened. It got drenched in the soft pool case, and nothing happened. It's been tossed around, thrown around, and once used to unclog my kitchen sink ... and nothing happened.

Meucci was the pool cue to own 15 years ago when I bought mine. I knew nothing about deflection and that sort of thing back then. I just knew it was pretty, and I was buying a "designer" cue. Having shot with it for so many years I'll definitely say I've gotten my money's worth, but I don't think it's a cue for beginners. You definitely need to know how to stroke a ball, and know not only your own physical strength, but also have a very good idea of where that sneaky little white ball is going after you hit it. Just my opinion, but the flexibility of the Meucci requires a better knowledge of the game than the average shoot once or twice a week (month, year) player has.

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