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02-08-2008, 08:54 PM
LOL, sorry for the name calling, I guess it is just my nature. Anyways, I am thinking about joining a gym (LA Fitness) and am looking for opinions on work out routines to help weight loss. I am turning into a blimp and am ready to take the plunge.

My guess is that I will end up paying for a trainer to keep me straight but wondered if anyone has past experience and can share their methods.

Just to head off any rumors (thanks SKennedy) I have horrible eating habits (I do love pizza) so I will probably be looking for something that will really burn a ton of calories. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif I told my wife I was going to join the "spinning" class and she laughed all the way home. /ccboard/images/graemlins/smile.gif


02-08-2008, 09:43 PM
Have a complete medical check up,before you lift the pen to sign the contract. If you get the go ahead from the Doctor,see a Dietician,and set your goals for caloric intake,and how much you plan to lose.

02-09-2008, 02:37 AM
Weight loss thru calorie reduction alone is a bad path. The body will think starvation and begin burning muscle instead of fat leaving you with a higher body fat content ... and that is the key number.

There are three means which will give the results you want.

1-Cardio workouts which will burn fat but build little muscle. Combined with the same or a reduced calorie intake you will lose body weight and fat content.

2-Weight training. This will up your calorie burning although not as much as cardio will. It's main achievement however is that it will build lean muscle mass which will also lower your overall body fat content. This is more of a body transformation than a body slimming.

Here's the math on option #2. To keep 1 lb of fat alive takes only 1 calorie per day. To keep 1 lb of muscle alive takes 50 per day. If you have no change in body weight but burn 10 lbs of fat and gain 10 lbs of muscle you will be effectively dieting 490 calories less per day without actually eating less just because your metabolism has changed.

Just to make a few assumptions, let's say a person is male - over 30 - 200 lbs - and a 30% body fat index. That is a pretty out of shape but not quite obese person. 60 lbs of blubber and 140 of everything else. Now do the 10 lb shift and you are at 25% which is OK. Normal for a 30+ male is considered 24% to 26%. Under 23% is actually considered lean and anything under 20% and you are starting to get really ripped.

3-The path most people choose is a mixture of both. Muscle is tough to grow and it get's tougher with age ... but 10 lbs is doable since most gains are the easy ones which come early. Taking a little more time the same person could gain 10 lbs of lean muscle ... going from 140 to 150 ... while losing 20 lbs of fat ... going from 60 to 40 ... and be right at the 20% number. If you can hang there or below the health benefits will stary piling up.