View Full Version : Has anyone used a Medici cue ?

02-09-2008, 09:04 PM
I am drooling over the way they look, and for their price, but because it's a meucci product am a little reluctant to order.

This is what I have found.. I found an old original 97-10 Meucci (before the dot shafts) , and the ferrule is messed up. So I definitely would have to get a new one. Since I can problably get this cue for 60$ I was thinking of tacking on the 200$ for a Predator Z shaft. It would give me a decent cue, with a superior shaft for right around 260. The cue is a little banged up, but I am a player not a collector. Otherwise this is what I keep drooling over!


What do you guys think. This company lives 3 miles away from the new meucci factory, and so they dont have to deal with all the mailing bull crap ect.. They just drive over there and get R Done.

02-12-2008, 11:31 AM
OK, What is your hangup with Meucci? Have you ever personally had a problem with one of their sticks? Do you actually know someone who has bought a nice stick from Meucci (not some beat up ebay POS)and been dissatisfied? I own four meucci sticks, and am pleased with the way they play. In fact one is a custom order, and I like the feel of it better than I like my Gus Szamboti.
If you want a meucci, fine....Go try shooting with one. Make your own opinions, instead of believing all the BS you read on the net. Personally I think the Meucci bashers should spend more time shooting instead of running their yaps anyway.
If you are interested in the 97-10, remember that the ferrule on those is unique to meucci. They are longer than the ferrules on any of the other production cues. Unless you have a good repair shop in your area, you might be sending it back to the factory......If you are serious about the predator Z shaft, maybe a little research is in order. Have you ever heard of a player shooting with one because they liked the "hit"? I have heard and read all I care to about deflection. All this just made me realize I have been compensating for it for 30 years, and never even noticed it. Yet every time someone shoots with one, it is because of deflection, not because of feel. I really think if you have to rely on a shaft to determine where your ball is going, then you need to give up on the shaft, and invest that money in lessons and practice (understand that this is coming from someone who owns multiple low squirt shafts)

One thing to remember.....ANY good stick will perform well with the right skill and practice. It is up to you to develop this with whatever stick you choose to use