View Full Version : Terrible Killings in Chapel Hill and Auburn

03-10-2008, 02:20 PM
What a waste of two young women who had everything going for them. These are two of the safest communities I know of. My youngest daughter lives in Chapel Hill and my parents are in Auburn. Both communities are in shock.

I sure hope we don't see more of this in the near future. It seems there is no place safe for our kids anymore.

03-10-2008, 02:52 PM
Yeah Dee, I'm sure you know I've at least been watching the Auburn stuff. You did see that they arrested a suspect in Auburn the other day (sorry to say haven't been following the UNC quite as closely).

They interviewed the prime suspect's Mom and I'm not sure if she helped his case or not, though it was obvious her intentions were not to persuade but rather just to say she was sorry. But she basically was already apologizing for her son doing such a thing (prosecutors rejoice!), but also mentioned how her baby has never been the same person since he came back from Iraq (defense attorneys rejoice!).

I dunno, just a sad sad senseless thing... and I feel for both families on each side of it.

On a side note deeman, you mentioned about the communities... well get this one: Last week my sisters car got broken into and they grabbed pretty much everything they could out of it (Ipod, CD's, everything of value and even a lot of things with no real value to anyone but her). Basically just a grab whatever you can and run thing I guess. Doesn't sound too unlikely except that she lives in MONTEVALLO! I couldn't beleive it!


03-10-2008, 05:40 PM
I've been following the story out of Chapel Hill. It now looks like it was a random act. They have a video of what appears to be two males trying to use her card at a bank drive-thru. What a senseless waste of a very promising future life.