View Full Version : Chalking A Jumper, Necessary on Straight Jumps?

08-05-2002, 01:09 PM
A fellow shooter at the PH saw me chalk up for a jump the other day asked if I was chalking the jump cue so I nodded yes. His response was a no-no wag of his head and I didn't get any more follow up. I read once that you shouldn't chalk unless you want english, draw or follow...that it is appropriate to NOT chalk for a straight jump. Do any of you follow this? I'd like to know if I need to refine a jump stroke(which is what no chalk would force.) sid

08-05-2002, 01:36 PM
My experiences has been, with a regular tip not to chalk. The thinking being the tip must slip off the cue ball and not trap it with friction. With phenolic tips like mine and the bungee. The tip is so hard the chalk helps in making sure you don't miscue but does not effect the jumping in a negative way. At the show last week, the guy demonstrating the bungee chalked like crazy before every shot. I read your comments about the tip. I know what you mean about the hit being harsh and noisy. A backing behind the tip will help and I have thought of producing them that way. But I have sold several thousand in the last six months without any complaints and most are reorders, but that is not to say they could not be improved. The tip should be roughed with something like a tip pic and chalked to help prevent miscues. Sometimes people miscue due to hitting the cueball low. You should really use a center ball hit, based on the angle of the cue on most shots. It is a little like a masse shot. There is some risk of the shot not being successful. It is not automatic.

08-05-2002, 02:23 PM
Q-Guy...I only played around in the middle of a seriously fun, non serious evening of pool(and a touch of the bubbly.) That baby's coming home with me tomorrow and I'll do the association game between me and the cue.

I do understand more about the world of tip materials now, cuz I used to grab a light Dufferin with a thin tip from the wall, purposely deposit it's residual chalk into the carpet and shoot a long jump dry tipped. These synthetic tips just need some special care, no big deal. Kinda like that second or third wife or girlfriend, huh ;-) sid~~~will put time on my Stealth/Q-Guy tip, report coming later

08-05-2002, 10:04 PM
In theory, it is actually easier to jump a ball if you miscue! But I seem to recall reading somewhere (rsb?) that it might now be a foul to misue when executing a jump shot.

So i'd say chalk it every time regardless.