View Full Version : go green: Drive, don't walk!

03-27-2008, 10:56 AM
Apparently a study was done a few months ago, but I first heard about it recently and decided to look into it some. Obviously we ("we" meaning humans) are one of the least efficient engines in existence. I mean we are supposed to "refuel" several times a day as we burn up our calories during daily activities... and even as we sleep our body continues to burn up it's energy source. So what you may ask...

WELL... the environmentally conscious person wanting to do his or her part to help mother Earth may choose to walk to the store, rather than drive, to do their part in reducing emissions. I was surprised to find that such a person will do more damage than I would do myself driving my gas guzzling '92 Blazer the same distance.

Research done by the UK's Chris Goodall (author of "How to Live a Low-Carbon Life"... note: not a righty looking out for big oil-- just had to include that before someone said it) found that driving a typical UK car for 3 miles adds about 2 lbs of CO2 to the atmosphere. A person walking that distance would burn about 180 calories. Replacing those burned calories would require about 100g of beef for the walker to refuel his or her body. Factoring in what it took to produce that beef, the emissions that were made for that person to walk the 3 miles equates to around 8 lbs. of CO2 released into the atmosphere--- four times that of driving the car. If instead of eating beef, the person drank milk to replace those calories, the emissions still equate to slightly more than driving would have.

So see people... our America isn't behind the curve as far as taking care of the environment! We have been getting fat and lazy for years and years... saving those precious calories burned by excersise and activity thereby helping the environment! And next time I see someone walking or riding a bike or something of the sort, I'm gonna yell at them and have a serious discussion about how they need to go green like me... then floor the gas pedal of my Blazer in order to toss dirt and rocks in their direction.


spending ten bucks a day to save the world,