View Full Version : Magnetic chalk holder.

04-02-2008, 03:53 AM
I like thoze magnetic chalk holders that clip onto your belt. But i get rid of that stupid looking plastic chalk holder. I smash the plastic and save the square steel backing -- then i stick (araldite) the steel to the back of a block of chalk. But firstly i saw that big ugly klunky chalk block into two thin blocks -- much better.

Anyhow, i went one step better. I bort some ceramic magnets on ebay, 30mm by 20mm by 2mm. I stuck (araldite) one of theze onto one of my leather belts, ie permanently, no clip needed. In fact i converted 3 of my belts -- bewdyfull.

I allready have an idea for an improovd verzion -- more later. madMac.

04-02-2008, 08:21 AM
I currently use chalk on a stick. It slips into my back pocket. I like it because it is always with me. I do not like the stick dangling