View Full Version : New DVD by John Schmidt is available

04-02-2008, 10:05 AM
This is a post from John Schmidt that he asked to be posted elsewhere:

"Hi guys: The dvd I made is finally done. I made 3 dozen for now. I run 164 and explain what I'm thinking as I'm shooting. I'm wearing a microphone so you can hear my thoughts. I think it will help your pool game and especially your 14.1 game.

I'm selling it for 35 dollars and I'll cover the shipping. I know that seems like a lot of money but honestly the amount of stuff I had to go through to do this thing I will have to sell a billion copies to be worth it. Anyway, I have a paypal setup but have not had anyone send me money before. So I'm not sure how it works yet. I think paypal is better though than sending checks because I get money sooner and you get the dvd sooner.The only thing I was not happy about is the fact that I forgot to turn off the auto focus. So when I'm racking, the camera focuses on my back and gets slightly blurry.When I'm shooting, however, you can clearly see what I'm doing and hear what I'm saying. I ran the 164 on the fourth try, if anyone's curious. The next day I ran 210, but we didn't have camera on. Oh, well. Maybe someone I know could pm me with advice on the paypal thing. Then I'll start taking orders, etc.

Take care guys and gals. Here's my paypal address johnmr400@yahoo.com"

I've got John's other dvds and took a lesson and if you love 14.1, you need to get this dvd.

Dennis Walsh