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04-04-2008, 11:23 PM
Itís been nerve racking time for me as well as the people at Diamond concerning the future of the DCC. Sure didn't want to let it go after 10 years. We've been exploring all kinds of options including moving to the Grand ole Opera in Nashville, but even though the place was perfect the room rates, even after guarantying 5000 room nights was $169 plus $21 parking and usage charge per night...Not possible!!

However, Chad and I finally got to the right person. We met with the person in charge of the Executive West and the Gault House in Louisville. It seems the Executive West wants to work with us and is even willing to make construction changes that may give us more room for tables than we previously had. That really came as a surprise to us because we had all but given up on the Executive West as a possibility and had set up a meeting to discuss using the Gault House as a possible site for the DCC...

We got a chance to view the Gault House...It would be the Nuts...Enough space on the West side for 60+ 7 ft tables and on the other side 60+ 9 fts plenty of vendors even room for 3 cushion events, but from what we were first told the room rate and parking would be a problem...As of now we are getting a proposal Tuesday on both facilities...Don't have any numbers until then. I'm sure everything is going up and I explained to them the importance of reasonable rates, especially since many people stay the whole event, but I'll have to wait and see what they say....I'll keep ya updated...Greg

04-08-2008, 08:10 AM

Thanks. I think anything that separates the hotel from the tournament/action will ruin the DCC eventually. The very nature of the scheduling of matches and the ability to hang around for action and your next match is what makes Derby City. If we had to go to a different place, most of us would end up missing our matches and certainly not being able to balance action matches with the tournament games. About the only way to do this would be to reduce the player entries to a time manageable number, then stick to a schedue. That will never happen.

Thanks for your hard work on this. Many of us ho make it every year will be there no matter the cost/location. I wish Nashville would have worked out as that is a fine city.