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08-06-2002, 11:00 AM
I watched an Accu Stats tape (one pocket) a couple of days ago (Bugs Rucker vs. Jose Parica) where Bill Staton and Johnny Ervolino were the commentators...excellent I might add.....QUESTION...how can I get J E's gravelly voice out of my head....it resonates like fingernails on a chalkboard..../ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif

having a rough or grating sound <a gravelly voice>

08-06-2002, 12:31 PM
Ok I just figured it out...his voice reminds me of Jimmy Durante (sp)... now I can sleep zzzzzzzz

08-06-2002, 05:57 PM
Obviously you're not from the Boston area, because you woulda said Johnny Most, long time broadcaster for the Boston Celtics...
"Havlicek stole the ball!! Havlicek stole the ball!! It's all over!! It's all over!!"

08-06-2002, 06:00 PM
I've never been to Beantown but I watch ESPN Classics and you are right...a voice like sandpaper /ccboard/images/icons/smile.gif

08-06-2002, 06:35 PM
One of Johnny's nicknames is the Velvet Foghorn. If you are under 60 you may not "get it"

08-06-2002, 07:38 PM
I was in Vegas at a straight pool tournament and Johnny and I were sitting in the front row. Johnny was critiquing every shot and you could hear him half way across the room. I could not get him to lower his voice. Jimmy Reid missed a shot and yelled out "Can somebody shut up Foghorn Leghorn." It was really funny, but Johnny didn't think so. If you were a writer, it would be hard to invent a character like him.

08-07-2002, 04:47 AM
that voice will stay with you for the rest of your life.

08-07-2002, 07:26 AM
Better not come to Brooklyn if that vocal intonation is affecting you. What really startled me when I first moved to Brooklyn was when I heard it coming from the throats of attractive young women.

09-05-2002, 09:11 AM
u mean like Lynn Samuels,radio talk show host on AM 770.Cheers

9 Ball Girl
09-05-2002, 12:42 PM
Johnny is definitely one funny dude. He and I were sitting together watching a straight pool tourney and boy did he have me laughing!

09-05-2002, 01:50 PM
Yeah, Johnny can make you laugh with what he says or how he says it! (teasing)

Eric >I'm no Tony Bennett either

09-05-2002, 09:35 PM
Almost as bad as Incardona